Advice for getting started with Lutron Caseta

I rarely see Lutron devices discounted much. You may be able to get some on eBay at a discounted rate but I am always cautious as working Lutron devices always fetch a premium price. With that said, Lutron devices are worth the money IMHO. They are remarkably reliable and well built.

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I am considering replacing my Caseta installation with RA2 switches/dimmers. I like the look more. And then I'll leave my Picos on the Caseta.

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No. To integrate with Hubitat, you need a Lutron system that supports a Telnet connection.

Most people use the Caseta Pro bridge. Caseta Pro = Telnet support. Caseta (non-pro) = no Telnet support.

Other options include RadioRA 2 and RA2 select. Those systems are more expensive than Caseta.


Sorry for the noob question, but why would I want to integrate Lutron with my Hubitat? I have the feeling you’re all about to tell me I’m completely underutilizing my HE C-7! lol

I use Alexa as my voice assistant and I wanted to upgrade from the Echo Plus to something that had both Zigbee and Z-Wave; so I bought a Hubitat and I love it, but I don’t think I’m doing it right.

All I do is connect my Z-Wave/Zigbee devices (mostly lights and locks) to the HE and then they present to Alexa and I use that to do everything. I create “rooms” inside Alexa. I created a couple super simple routines in Alexa like turning my nightlights on at dusk and off at dawn.

That’s about it. I have an OLD house with original wiring so I do NOT have a Neutral wire in my light switches. I also have some 3-way overhead lights with a switch at both ends of get hallway, etc.

As far as my searching can tell, the only 3-way switches that don’t require a neutral wire (and still work if the Internet goes down) are made by Lutron.

So my question is; why go though all the extra work of loading the driver and enabling telnet, etc.? Why not just use the Lutron Bridge to present the switch to Alexa?

At that point I would have:

A. Alexa controlling my Lutron switches via the Lutron hub

B. Alexa controlling my Zigbee/Z-Wave devices via the Hubitat

C. Me controlling Alexa with my voice

What am I missing? Is there some super cool advantage gained when I integrate the Lutron bridge into my Hubitat? I assume it would have to do with scenes/rooms/scenarios? Couldn’t I just do those cool things with Alexa?


And truly thank you! I do appreciate holding my hand as I learn.


In the scenario that you describe (voice control of switches and scenes by Alexa), there’s no advantage to using Hubitat.

However, most of us use Hubitat to automate our homes - i.e use input from sensors to control Hubitat-paired devices. Like a motion sensor should control lighting. Or that lights should dim when the TV turns on etc.


Awesome, thank you for the answer. I do expect to do some of that in other rooms, so I need to learn more about what/how to automate, but for these specific lights it will just be on/off. Thanks!

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