Advice - blind control


I am looking for a roller blind control, any recommendations?

I want to be able to set for example 50%

Would consider motor or chain mover.
Power should be okay, but battery might be better for other for some locations.

IKEA blinds do not fit window size.

Thank you.

check out iblinds

iBlinds V3 on Hubitat:

I've used the tilt blinds kits from -- they make roller ones also but there is no (practical) integration into hubitat (for what it's worth my tilt blinds are on their own schedule and that really works pretty well)

Some people have 'cut down' the IKEA blinds to size -- results vary on that I think...

There are a number of off brand/chinese companies that make kits...

Lutron (Serena) also makes roller blinds -- those are expensive but they work really well (I have a set of Lutron/Serena blinds for the past 5 years -- great integration with Hubitat and the batteries last about 2 years)

If you like to tinker you can roll your own.. Motorized Roller Shades? IKEA Fyrtur vs Zemismart Solar/Battery vs DIY! - YouTube.

I made my own. If you’re handy with electronics, it’s doable. I documented all the steps to make them and integrate them with Hubitat here:

iBlinds. Integrated into HE, working very well for me and others. Community driver as well as HE built-in. OTA updates supported. I have five, like them very much, they are working perfectly for me as of the 3.03 FW update.