Advantages of upgrading to C8?

I did find a discussion that is still ongoing about these different stacks. It appears that it should be made clear the new stack is only for the C8 and the standard stack should be used for anything pre C7 and older.



C-8 should be running the new zigbee stack (http://hubIpAddress/hub/useNewZigbeeStack/true)
C-7 and before should be running the standard stack (http://hubIpAddress/hub/useNewZigbeeStack/false)

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The above works on my C8, if the Hub’s IP address is substituted, reports stack is standard. Perhaps production changed over at some point to shipping new Zigbee stack, I ordered mine a couple of days after the announcement. I’m not seeing Zigbee issues.

The above does not work on my C-8 (


Needs /hub in there

C8 - http://hubIpAddress/hub/useNewZigbeeStack/true
C7/5/4/3 - http://hubIpAddress/hub/useNewZigbeeStack/false


The URL is incorrect:


Needs "hub/" at the beginning.

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Now that’s a UI for the record books.

This works. Thanks!

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I updated my post above to reflect this...good call.

I think there were some supporting changes made to prep for the C-8 that were still compatible with the C-7. They exposed it for beta testing. At some point, that new stack became specific to the C-8 though.

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Is it known whether Zigbee stack setting is part of a migration or cloud backup restore? Perhaps that’s how my C-8 ended up with standard rather than new stack after migration from C-7.

I "migrated" from a C-7 to a C-8 and my C-8 ended up with the standard Zigbee stack.

I would guess that there will be a platform update forthcoming that sets the correct stack automatically according to the type of hub.


I think Victor has alluded to this happening.


My C8 was never migrated and I have:
"Hub is set to use standard Zigbee stack"

I haven't changed it yet as everything is working fine for me right now.

EDIT: I went ahead and changed the C-8 to the new stack, since it is going to happen sooner or later anyway.



I have a C7 that is still on the new stack, and my C8 is also on the new stack (migrated from another C7 that I had set to the new stack back when we were testing using it w/the C7. Since then the new stack has been modified/targeted at the C8, so the new stack can cause problems on the C7 and earlier hubs.

Since my C8 is already on the new stack, and my C7 is also working fine w/new stack, I'm also sitting tight and waiting for a release that will automagically put all hubs on the desired/expected zigbee stack. At that point I'll deal w/any new > standard transition issues (hopefully few/none) on my C7.

If I was having Zigbee issues on a C7 running new stack, I'd change it now. Same w/C8 - if I was on Standard I'd change it to New.

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I was on Standard on C8.
I wasn't having problems, except for that one Hue outdoor motion, and not even that for 4 days now.
But I changed to New anyway. Why? I don't know.


This has been explained in the beta. Very simple they created a new stack and if you were a beta you had chance to test. Most people did and most worked fine.

Over time is got forgot to some extent that we were on new, but the ones who changed back now had a flag of standard stack. AND when the release was public (without the option to update) the function was still there and so the memory location was set.

If you then migrated and the flag was set to standard you then go a standard C8. If you were on the new stack anyway when you migrated you would still be on the new.

Now the new is just for the C8 and the standard is for anything before, so now some issues are arising on beta hubs with new stack old hubs. Also if your on the c-8 with standard you not getting the fixes/ it won't work as it should.

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I don't think this is fully the case. I never flipped to the new stack on my C-7 and my C-8 was already on the new stack.

My C8 apparently came with standard.
I'm not in the Beta.
I upgraded to the new stack.
It verifies as 'new' with the command.
I've now gotten 2 children since.
One cleared out, one is still there.

AFAIK the new stack is the default/desired stack for the C8, so being on the new stack is the expected result if you never flipped your C7 to the new and then back to the old. I thought that was the sequence required to initiate the stack issue.

In that case those who changed their C7 back to the standard stack and migrated to the C8 would then end up on the C8 w/the standard stack. Not desired.

The other issue is the set of people who set their C7/C5/C4 to the new stack are now running on the wrong stack, given all the changes to the new stack have optimized it for the C8 only.

Or did I misunderstand what you were saying?

I did not think the case was that anyone on a C7 who had never played w/the endpoints to set their Zigbee stack (which would be the vast majority of users) would be affected by this issue.

I never knew about the stacks or the endpoints until a few days ago. So I never moved my C-7 Hubs to the new stack. I migrated them to the C-8 Hubs and, when I checked (after learning about the endpoints this week), I found I was on the old stack. At that point I moved my Zigbee C-8 to the new stack.