Advanced zigbee bulb wasnt a good move

Mike knows. The weird thing is if you turn the light off and back on by itself, it comes on with the attributes listed on the device page. Maybe we need a zigbee group controller.

Mines not doing this but the odd thing, is now the devices ARE getting correctly updated! What the hell? @mike.maxwell could there be a bug somewhere that is causing it to not work sometimes?

Exactly, because mine still aren't :disappointed:

are they RGBW? If so can you go though and set a few colours on ONE of the device, then go to CT and select a few values then back to RGB. Then do the same for the group device, that's what I was doing when it started working.

This sits with some odd things I picked up in the beta that you had to go though the whole driver before things started to work. Mike fixed the big one that the device wouldn't work at all until you used set level, just wondering if there are others.

Thanks. I’ll try that and report back.

Same issue here, new driver doesn’t update the state of my bulbs. It’s a shame because it seems snappier when it works, but I’m seeing (and reported in another thread) this exact same issue, the group is reporting correctly but the individual bulbs do not, leading to unexpected color temps on power on and no ramping down because the driver reports it’s already at 0 percent as an example. It just gets out of sync with reality in my case :joy:

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I was told to switch back to the old driver , but that one doesnt work properly anymore either. I have to click twice to switch once. Im MAD.

Far as I am aware, they just put the old ones back in. So if they aren't working, maybe you have a different problem?

Did you hit "configure" after switching the driver?

And maybe it would help staff if you could define "working properly"?

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