Advanced Button Controller (ABC)

I mistakenly deleted the links to the code when I updated the screenshots. They have been re-added to the original post...sorry about that.

Thanks @csteele

No worries

I have a question about the color bulb part. I see hue and saturation..but no set level..(for brightness) .am I missing something?
And my compliments on this looks fantastic!

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Just Set the Dim level in the Dimmers section.

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ah...i will try..thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

Just posting here a feature request that I hinted at in another thread: the ability to change HSM status. For me, it would make sense to see this in the "OTHER" section towards the bottom of the button config page (near where setting the location mode is) and include the ability to set the HSM status to any of the three available options (Armed-Home, Armed-Away, or Disarmed), but any way to do this would be great.

As I noted in my original post, the HSM app itself can use button presses to change HSM status, but it doesn't support hold or double-tap (the HSM UI language isn't clear but I was told that it responds to pushes). It would also be nice to have everything in one spot, and I'm currently using ABC to configure the rest of this device. Just an idea! :slight_smile:

I've slapped something together for this but there is a bug that prevents switching between certain HSM modes that Bruce is now aware of....I would advise you set some kind of notification to verify that the HSM Mode changes as expect it to until fixed.

I also plan a couple of minor bug fixes so I will post the update when complete.


**Update 8/01/18 **
New ABC Child App v0.2.180801

added Hubitat Safety Monitor Control (created new MODES section for Set Mode and Set HSM)
added level to setColor() for full HSL compliance
removed ability to choose multiple modes in Set Mode
minor display bug fixes


@arnoud See post above. Latest update has added Level as well.

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@stephack, awesome....thanks! I will copy/paste the updated code in the add apps.
I am liking the Hubitat more and more :smile:

**Update 10/12/18 **
ABC Child App updated to v0.2.181012

  • adjusted "Set Mode" to comply with mode related updates in firmware 1.1.5
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Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be greatly apprecieated.
When I add the advanved button controller code to the text field this is what I get.Metadata Error: Parent App 'stephack:Advanced Button Controller' not found on line 58.

Looks like you havent installed the parent app yet. There are 2 parts to this app. The ABC controller (parent that must be installed first) and the ABC child creator (the child app that is installed after).

YES! That worked, thanks a lot. I have spent hours trying to make it work.

**Update 10/12/18 **
ABC Child App updated to v0.2.181024

  • added the ability to cycle through Scenes (done using push() command and cycles in alphabetical order only)
  • Gui refinements
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There you go! If they want to change the order, they can simply rename their scenes. Well done!

I am trying to add the ability to increase/decrease dim brightness of hue lights via a Pico remote. I was hoping to use button 2 and 4 with a held command that would allow me to increase level by 10 % increments as long as I hold the button, all the way to 100%.
I can't figure out how to do it. There is a ramp up/down option, but it is blank and cannot select anything.

I don't think that's possible, at least if you're using the built-in Hue driver, because the built-in Hue drivers don't support the startLevelChange and stopLevelChange commands that you'd need to send to the bulbs on button push and button release (but the Pico itself does support those if you're using the Fast Pico driver). I think Hue can do something like this, but I'm not sure how much the Hue bridge rate-limits and if Hubitat (using the HTTP API) might run into problems trying to repeatedly send such commands to the bridge.

I settled for using the "normal" Pico driver where a press changes the brightness by a small percentage (lots of people use 10; I think I went with 7 or 8) and a hold changes it by a relatively larger percentage (15-20?). I don't mind pressing the button a few times to get where I want. If you don't want the hold for a bigger dim, you can also use the fast driver and have the bulbs respond much more quickly, at the expensive of needing to press more for large amounts of dimming.

As @bertabcd1234 mentioned, Hue lights do not have the ramping capabilities in their driver and so they are not listed as an option for that action.

Thanks. Not the end of the world. Beggars can't be choosers. I'll simply set it to increase/decrease by 5% on each press. It's fairly responsive over all. Thanks again for the info.