Hubitat Safety Monitor - Arm with button hold?

I see that the Hubitat Safety Monitor app has (under the "automatic arming/disarming page") a section where you can configure button devices to use to arm or disarm HSM:


However, this doesn't seem to reflect the button model as it is actually implemented in Hubitat. It only lets you choose a button device and a button (maybe this means "push"? or could it mean any and every action?). If you have a device that supports holding (like the Minimote you see I'm using) or double-tapping, it's not clear that this will let you use those capabilities. I'm guessing this is part of the original implementation and wasn't updated when Hubitat adopted new button-related capabilities, but if I'm missing something, let me know.

If I'm right, consider this a feature request. :slight_smile: (I'm guessing RM can do it in the meantime, though I never checked. ABC, which I was already using for the Minimote, is apparently not able to change HSM status.)

Shoot me a feature request in the ABC thread (detail how you plan to use it) and I'll see what I can muster up this week. Don't think it would be too difficult to implement.

Will consider the feature request. RM and Button Controller both can do it. Any app can set HSM per this API, by sending location events with hsmSetArm: Hubitat Safety Monitor API - #3 by bravenel

Thanks! But in the meantime, it's not clear to me what the existing feature does. Is it just for button presses? Or will it arm/disarm for any action (press, hold, double tap) on a button that matches that number? Even if you don't add any features, I might clear up the wording in the UI.

Thanks again!

(And I'll detail something in the ABC thread too; I'm trying to keep my automations for this device in the same spot so it's easier for me to see/change, so both HSM itself and RM were second choices for me.)

It subscribes to "pushed.buttonNumber". Every button device supports "pushed". It's the least common denominator. The code could check to see if other options exist, but haven't seen a use-case need for it.

Do you have an actual use-case need for something other than "pushed"?

That makes sense, but it isn't clear (to me) from the wording in the UI that only a push will make this happen.

But I do indeed have a use case. I was hoping to use a press of one button on a Minimote to either arm or disarm HSM and a hold of the same button to do the opposite. I did the same with SHM in ST, though I can't remember how I actually had that set up (probably Button Controller or a webCoRE piston). I can of course do the same with Button Controller, RM, or any app that supports these features in Hubitat, but when I saw these options in the HSM app I thought I might be able to use them instead--it just wasn't clear to me what they expected from the button.

A fix to clarify the existing UI in in, due for release in a couple of weeks.

You can certainly do what you want with Button Controller. I'm not sure it's worth the UI complexity to do it in HSM.

@bertabcd1234 I have updated the ABC app with the changes you requested. Report any bugs you find in the ABC thread.


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