Adurosmart eria bulb help for old guy

My son has bought me a bunch of smart tech for xmas.

I can successfully pair and connect the Adurosmart eria bulb 81895-E to my hubitat, but that's as far as I can get, how do controll it? I had to manually pair it as there wasn't anything available.

The commands dont work, nothing is coming up for current states.

State Variables

  • tt : {level=0A00, RGB=0A00, off=0A00, colorTemperature=0A00, on=0A00}

Any help would be really appreciated.

On the device page what does the Device Type show? Looks like it might work with a Generic Zigbee RGBW driver. If you have to change drivers remember to hit Configure afterwards.


My man! Its working. Thank you