ADT Smarthings to Hubitat

First I would like to apologized for a repeated topic. Right now i'm suffering from too much info. There are multiple topics about migrating from smartthings and there some much that some of them are outdated and confused me.

I need some assistance getting started.
I have the ADT smartthings HUB. I haven't really had time to play with the custom apps you have to use on this hub to make it work well with other devices like the regular smartthings hub, but I still have all drivers and apps downloaded and links saved so when I have time I can finally automate the whole house. However, I just switched to Hubitat so i'm looking for the same thing here.

I was wondering if the community will be willing to help me. So please point me to all your favor apps and driver. I use my GE switches with device association the most

Right now with smartthings I have... A Samsung TV with Smarthings app built in, monoprice recessed z-wave sensors on every door, ADT sensors on main entrance, myq garage, zwave switches (GE, Leviton,Zooz & Inovelli), z-wave and zigbee flood sensors(fibaro and ADT), arlo cameras , ADT smoke and CO2 detectors, smarthings buttons and lutron switches. Also have GE Z-wave fan controls the hampton zigbee one but i'm getting rid of them because I notice zigbee just drops connection no matter how many of them I have.

The Main reason that I switched is because all my lights at home are controlled by a smart switch and they are set to come on at a certain, when doors opens and closes or when motion occur. However, smartthings was very inconsistent and sometimes the delay is just wayyyyy tooooo much.
So far I found the guide for lutron devices and i've added them.
I found Super basic Z-Wave parameter tool, and Hub Connect.
I need all I can get but right now I just want things functional then i'll tweak it later so basic and advance help is fine.


  • Samsung TV
    Not finding anything dunno

  • monoprice recessed z-wave sensors
    Works natively

  • ADT sensors
    ADT works with the ADT hub. The ADT sensors don't work with the smartthings hub. I don't know if any integrations with the ADT hub exists. Except for the ADT water sensors, they are the zigbee protocol

  • myq garage

  • zwave switches (GE, Leviton,Zooz & Inovelli)
    Should all work natively, I didn't look them all up but here is the device compatibility list

  • z-wave and zigbee flood sensors(fibaro and ADT)
    Both work natively. As stated above ADT water sensors use the zigbee protocol are compatible. However, other ADT devices are not.

  • arlo cameras
    No cameras are supported but there are workarounds to show a camera feed in the dashboard. For motion triggers there is IFTTT integration

  • ADT smoke and CO2 detectors

  • smarthings buttons
    Yes, natively

  • lutron switches
    Yes but you need a pro hub

  • GE Z-wave fan controls the hampton zigbee
    Dunno what this means. I assume you have the hampton zigbee controller but annoyed with it and use the GE z-wave instead...anyway yes natively to the GE.

  • hampton zigbee
    Yea natively


Welcome to the Hubitat Community! You've got a lot of device paring to do! :point_up_2::hourglass_flowing_sand: :crazy_face:

Feel free to ask for help as things come up. You get great support from both Hubitat and the community. Start here and progress at your own pace. That's going to take time to move. Z-Wave seems to be your choice, although I'm seeing a bigger trend toward Zigbee as the selection grows. Both work great if you design the network correctly from the start. Zigbee networks are easier and generally less expensive to build out, but Z-Wave can go further with fewer repeaters, and Z-Wave Plus seems to be very reliable for most owners.

Scroll down from the How to Guides heading and you'll find some particularly helpful information. Starting with centralizing your hub as best you can. Then build out your repeaters from there. Once you get that primary compatible stuff move over, then focus on the possible custom integrations or hub linking you may need.

You'll find that automations are very fast once the network mesh has stabilized. For this hub, the barriers just keep dropping. It's just so flexible, and keeps getting better. Same hardware. Not too common. Usually you're stuck with the current functionality. any where from a undisclosed number of months, to years before you get any improvements.

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