ADT Sensor?

Anybody have any idea if these work with HE? I haven't bought a true ST sensor in a long time but Im assuming this is a standard ST sensor?

I am going to guess not. I believe the adt sensor s use a different frequency. I had one. It would not even pair with v2 ST hub.

I could be wrong though.

The thing should be sitting around here somewhere I'll see if I can find it. Not optimistic though.

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The above poster is correct. They use ADT's own protocol and probably their own frequency (CNET says 900 MHz, so close to US Z-Wave but probaly not close enough to be usable with the same radio even if the protocol was reverse-engineered).

EDIT: Forgot to add the link to the obligatory JDRoberts explanation: FAQ: Will my zigbee/zwave sensors work with the new ADT/SmartThings security hub? Can I use the new dual logo sensors with the original SmartThings hub? - FAQ - SmartThings Community

EDIT 2: But read on in this thread for how (at least) the water sensors appear to be standard ZHA.

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Thanks for the details!! Glad I didn't pull the trigger on ordering any. :slight_smile:

I did pull the trigger and ordered to CO detectors and 3 water sensors... I could get the water sensor to pair with HE but could not get it to actually do anything. The CO sensors I could not get to pair at all.

So they went back to Best Buy yesterday. Maybe this will save some folks the trip! :slight_smile:


Best Buy had the ADT Water Leak Detectors for 10 bucks and I bought 2. They said certified zigbee product so I figured I would take a chance despite your experience. They seem to work fine for me with the Generic Zigbee Moisture Sensor device type.

They report temperature, battery and water (wet | dry). What sensor type did you use? I have only had them hooked up for an hour but so far they seem to be behaving completely normally.

Different ADT sensor? From what I have read in the ST forum (see link in @bertabcd1234’s above), ST-ADT branded sensors don’t use zigbee.


I'll attach some pictures of the box next post.

Hmm that’s odd, you can see the zigbee logo in one of the pics on the Best Buy product page, which does appear to be the ST-ADT co-branded sensor.

These are what came from the Best Buy link above.

They show up like this.

Also, I tested them in Rule Machine already as well. Rule Machine successfully spam announces over a Google Home Speaker Group there is a leak detected when one gets wet. Everything seems to be okay so far.

Wow this is great! I wonder why they didnt work for me. I had them also set up as a generic zigbee moisture sensor... Good for you!!

If I had to guess: maybe the "strictly security" ADT sensors like motion and door/window use their proprietary protocol, whereas general home monitoring ones (like water leaks--things you wouldn't automatically call the police about if using a monitored service) use standard protocols?

Anyone is free to examine more sensors to test my hypothesis. I don't know that there are any besides this that are just "nice to have" sensors, however. (Alternatively: tell me that I don't understand how ADT or any monitored security system works--I've never used one, so it's entirely possible.) :slight_smile:

EDIT: But it does appear these are, indeed, compatible with the "regular" ST hub and so likely the same with Hubitat (not a huge surprise given the "ZigBee" logo, but I guess we don't really know if it's ZHA 1.2 or what): SmartThings ADT Water Leak Detector (zigbee) 9.99 @ Best Buy - Deals - SmartThings Community

Since they were only $10, I just got two of these myself and initially had the same problem as you, even after changing the driver to "Generic ZigBee Moisture Sensor" and clicking "Configure" (and, for fun after that also didn't work, "Refresh")--"Configure" is always a good idea after you change a driver. I noticed they still weren't reporting any data, so I put the hub in pairing mode again and then also reset the device to "pair" it again (but leaving the device in Hubitat, so it should just recognize it and re-initialize it). That worked for me. I also had to reset it to get it to pair initially, as removing the tab from the battery per the instructions was not enough.

@mike.maxwell, if you were interested in adding these to the "Generic ZigBee Moisture Sensor" driver, here is a selection of the information from when I paired:

Manufacturer: Nortek Security and Control
Model Number: F-ADT-WTR-1
deviceTypeId: 12
manufacturer:Nortek Security and Control
endpoints.01.manufacturer:Nortek Security and Control

That being said, official Samsung documentation says these only work with the ST ADT hub (which does truly seem to be the case for the remainder of their cobranded sensors). However, there is a ZigBee logo on the bottom of this box and a "Home Automation profile" mention in the enclosed literature. After getting it paired and re-pairing (after choosing the correct driver), it seems to be working as expected for me (so far, which is admittedly not very long--but all signs besides ST's claims seem to suggest these are standard devices).

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Dang it... I wish I wouldn't have returned them so quickly... and now they seem to be sold out :frowning:
Thanks for the info.... if I see them again I may give them a second try. In the meantime I sprung for the ST water sensors... and they worked right away... maybe that is just as well :slight_smile:

That worked for me as well!! Thank you so much!

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