ADT Security System

I have a ADT Scurity System that's monitored by ADT. Is there a way to connect it to Hubitat in order to accomplish certain procedures when the security system is armed. E.g. locking the doors when the system is armed.

Any more info on the model #? Does it have wired inputs or outputs? What kind of sensors does it use?

It's an ADT7AIO

Tell us about the sensors it uses. Have a link to the manual?

You might want to check to see if the panel is actually a Vista, if so the envisalink would do what you want

If it is a Vista panel (or maybe this will work with other panels) there is likely an alarm "contact" especially if the panel will accept a key switch for arming/disarming.

On mine, the trigger connector 1, output #17 goes low when the system is armed.


This is the backside there are 2 contacts on the picture bottom left

Not like mine, sorry I can't help :frowning:

I have two Z-Wave relays paired to my ADT Pulse system, and then set through Automations to activate when the alarm is armed (one for Armed Away, one for Armed Stay). I have the dry contacts of the relays hooked to a Konnected, to get the signals to Hubitat.

...and, like you describe, the first thing Hubitat does when "Armed Stay" is detected is to make sure the doors are locked.

That's exactly what I want. How did you conect the relais to the ADT Panel ? I have only the basic manual from ADT and they don't tell you how to connect anything to it. all the sensors are zwave or zigbee it's a wireless system. For any changes they want you to call a technician of course

There could be a more detailed service manual for technicians available online.

Pretty sure @jwjr is describing a z-wave relay, like the MIMOLite for example, that’s paired to the ADT hub wirelessly, but itself has wired contacts that can then serve as the integration point with Hubitat.

In other words, that option doesn’t involve wiring anything to your alarm panel.

Exactly. I happen to be using 2 Qubino Flush 1D relays, because they were in the bottom of my parts bin :grin: , but any decent Z-Wave relay should do.

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Perhaps a Zooz Zen16. It has three relays built in. The third could be used to communicate an alarm condition if ADT allows.

I suggest this but have no idea how ZWave items pair with an ADT system. Perhaps the Zen won't work.