ADT beep

Is anybody aware of any siren/speaker type devices that make that same distinctive triple beep that ADT systems make when doors open or close?

Just play any mp3 file you like with a cheap google mini and the work is done. Ok, there is a small delay for the notification, but the work is done.

Hmm...nah...I don't do delays. Did a bit of spectral analysis and synthesized my own flac to get pretty close to it. I think their alarm panels use a speaker more analogous to the ones found in those old greeting cards that made musical tones. Can't quite get the same sound out of speakers meant to reproduce Nyquist generated audio like you find in a typical headphone, pc, or even google mini. Probably close enough for the specific intent I have in mind for it though.

Any chance you can please resample this to 44hz? My Sonos speakers dont like anything below (??) 44hz. I like the sound though.

Sure, in fact here's the original I created, which is 32-bit/384khz.

FWIW I only created this using bone stock audacity, I just generated a 3100hz tone (simple sine wave, though a piezo might more closely resemble a square wave -- I'm not sure about that yet) and muted it at 60ms intervals. I chose that ridiculously high sample rate so that I could get the sine wave to naturally return to the zero point at as closest to 60ms as possible (to avoid a pop/click sound on some speakers) prior to down-sampling it.

You may have better results with a square wave. I haven't yet decided on a permanent alarm/speaker device. Speak of which, anybody have any recommendations that can tie directly into hubitat with NO internet connectivity? I'm not sure if I have time to learn Arduino.

And FWIW, anything above 44.1khz sample rate is totally useless for listening purposes, and above 16-bit sampling depth is also imperceptible for listening purposes. So long as your audio equipment is working fine, the Nyquist theorem only requires 6200hz to faithfully reproduce the original since it's just a 3100hz sine wave. I know self-proclaimed audiophiles will disagree, but then many of them think vinyl, which has a very narrow dynamic range and simply can't come anywhere close to hitting the lowest lows or highest highs of our hearing capability, is somehow superior in capability to CD, which has a dynamic range that may as well be considered infinite :slight_smile: