Adjusting Dimmer Level Only For Lights in a Group That Are On


I am dabbling in migrating my Hue Light setup to my new C-7 and am trying to find a way to adjust the brightness of a HE group of lights, but only those in the group that are turned on. For the purpose of this exercise I am using the Button Controllers built-in app in combination with the Groups and Scenes built-in app. The steps I am going through to test this are:

  • Turn on all the lights in a group, e.g. activate a scene
  • Turn one of the lights off, e.g. through the Device setup page (also achievable I expect by adjusting the scene setup)
  • Adjust the dimming level of the group using my 4-Button Hue Dimmer (via deConz), configured in the Button Controllers app

The light that I turned off comes back on when adjusting the dimming level. Any thoughts or suggestions?

The reason I want to make this work is that I often have different lights used in different scenes, e.g. lamps at night turned down low compared to downlights during the day/evening. When I use the dim up or down buttons I only want to adjust the lights that are on and relevant for the current scene, rather than turn on lamps during the day or downlights late at night.


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+1 to this question. I know this can be achieved with Rule Manager but I don't *think this can be done through the Button Controller (Advanced Button Controller) app.

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