Adjusting brightness for group

Hi all,
Is there a way to adjust brightness to a group of lights, please?

I have a pair of ecolink bulbs paired with my c4 and a virtual switch to turn them on/off with a rule. I do this mainly through Alexa integration and it works well, but if like to be able to set brightness to say 50% for the bulbs at once instead of individually, one at a time. Is there a way to do this, please?

Thank you.

Just create a group with them using the Groups and Scenes app. Iā€™m not sure why you are using a virtual switch, but I mostly only share groups to Alexa and Siri. If these are Zigbee, enable Zigbee group messaging when you are creating the group. If they are dimmable only, create a dimmer group; if color temperature changing bulbs, create a bulbs group.

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Oh wow.. I didnt even know that existed until, you just told me. Thankyou. Looking into that now.

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