"Adjust Scene Settings"not updated by Capture

Capturing a scene works perfectly.
However, If I press the "Adjust Scene Settings", I get the old values, before the latest capture.

This happens also if I first save the scene, and reopening the scene before pressing the adjust settings button.

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I always go into adjust scene chance it to a value I don't want then change it to the value I want then save
Seems to work for me

I always go in and manually set them and resave

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It's really difficult (and a lot of work) to tweak scenes by changing values in scene settings. It's a lot easier if one could set the scene with the Hue app, or Google Home app and then capture it with HE.

I would appreciate it if this problem could be fixed.

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I plan to create a Hue scene manager still. I cannot, so far as I know, integrate with hue scenes but we can create and manage hue scenes from HE, and trigger the scene as a switch. That is actually what I am working on now.

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Bruce, sorry to bug you, but could you please comment on this? Is something broken?
It is very annoying. I would capture a scene, but after a while, the scene will revert to the one depicted under the "Adjust Scene Settings" button.

When I capture a new scene, the settings are taken over, correctly. But if I change something, capture again, the scene is updated, but the old settings remain on the settings page.

I've tested under version - it doesn't work there either. I am not able to go back to versions earlier than that.

If you are talking about the values that are displayed for the various settings on the Adjust Scene page, these do not change from when you first adjust them. These are just settings, not yet committed to the Scene.

Notice this sequence of screenshots:

This first one is the Scene as captured:

Next, I open Adjust Scene page, where there are values from the last time I adjusted the Scene:

At this point there is a difference, BECAUSE I entered 100, 51 and 88 into those settings on the Adjust Scene page. If I hit Done there now, this will be the result:

At this point I have adjusted the Scene, but having not yet activated it, the light still has its prior settings. If I Re-capture it, that will be evident:

I hope this explains what you are seeing.

It's six of one, half dozen of the other sort of design issue. I'll look into adding a button to fill the Adjust Scene settings with current captured state.


I looked into this, and concluded that your way is better. Next release. Adjust page will show currently captured values.


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