Additional tile on the Settings page - Bulb defaults - including Color Name to temperature table

It occurs to me that I'm seeing a legacy component in drivers that may just be a propagation of something old being passed down through the ages.
While I don't recognize how much trouble color bulbs might cause - in the world of CT bulbs (and dimmable bulbs) there seems built into nearly all the CT bulb drivers I've been playing with an odd colorname to colortemperature relationship table. This table is hardcoded into HE drivers, something I've always understood was a loss of flexibility.
As users integrate different voice systems and 3rd party bridging, it would be valuable to either give a preset table that matches that 3rd party. For example. If I'm using Alexa, I'd like the color temps spoken to match the display of my tiles. If I use Google then a different table is warranted.
Additionally, should I want to create my own table, I'd really like that ability as well.

In the example drivers I've found:
I have customized 1 driver so it matches with my environment, only to be stymied by more drivers that have hardcoded settings I can't override.

There is no 1 - 1 table of Wiki, Google or Alexa color names. I propose/submit that an app that had preset values that a user could select 'Alexa - Google - Wiki - Custom' as well as the ability to create your own.
I realize how huge this would be. and I recognize that virtual, generic and pre-built drivers would need updating. I feel this could be nipped in the bud now, as opposed to further down the road when it is even more costly and difficult to repair. thanks for listening!
oh. and I mentioned Dimmables - it would be possible to also create a 'name' for dim values in this manner as well. Not nearly as important though!

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