Additional column for the Devices page

Hi @Hubitat_Staff,

Apologies if this is in the wrong spot. Would it be possible to add small column for device status when in tile/list mode?

I would like to be able to glance at a status of my devices (on/off, percentage for dimmers/fans, open/closed) when going through the list. I have a few Virtual Devices that trigger rules, and would like to be able to tell which one is currently on, without going into it's properties, then coming back out.

Did you consider using the dashboard app for this?


I feel torn myself.... I can understand the convenience of having it available in some of the internal pages (though I can't say I have utilised the tile view myself). I can imagine that there is an assumption applied to the presentation of a tile in a dashboard about which attribute to use when reflecting the "state" of the device, used when defining the different foreground and background colors, so I could imagine the same logic could be applied to the Device listing.

It does get a little murky once you step into some of the device types (drivers) that support multiple capabilities, typically Community-developed ones, where you may have something like a devices for a weather station implementing temperature, humidity, perhaps a battery reading as well, plus many other sensor readings. In a dashboard example you can choose a template to apply, but that may be a little more problematic to do consistently for each type of custom device. The only way I could see that working for Community developed device drivers would be the developer identifying or allowing the user to select a dominant capability, such as a temperature reading as being the dominant attribute in a weather station device.

So while not impossible, there would be some details to iron out. I suspect, given the flexibility of a dashboard, that would likely be where Hubitat staff would direct you to focus your efforts in terms of seeing at a glance the current status of devices.