Adding Zigbee repeaters to a network of ONLY non-repeaters--how to proceed? [SOLVED]

The Zigbee mesh help doc discusses how to build a network, but I am in a situation that it does not cover: I have ONLY non-repeating devices now, but I will soon add some repeaters.

The existing gear is my Hubitat, some Sengled bulbs, and some Iris sensors. It's about a dozen non-repeating devices and the Hubitat. That's it.

I will be adding a few Ikea devices to act as repeaters.

What should I do to make the resulting mesh as healthy as possible? Is it as simple as unplugging the hub for a while?

I would pair the repeating devices, make sure they are in their final location, and then shutdown the hub via the Settings menu. Wait 20-30 minutes and then start the hub back up. Once the battery powered devices realize they can’t talk to the controller, they will go into a panic mode, which causes them to find the best route possible back to the hub. This will cause them to use the repeater devices if that is the best route.

Zigbee is a self-healing mesh protocol, so the devices will reroute themselves over time. The procedure above will speed up the process.


Easy enough, thanks!

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Is there a way to check up on the routing?

You can check here.



Whaaaaaat didn't know that was there, cool!

Is there a list of these special URLs in the docs? I did a quick search but nothing came up. I have seen a couple such URLs on the forum but would love to see all of them in one place.