Adding wife’s phone REPLACES my phone

I created a new Hubitat portal account for my wife using her email address, installed the app on her phone, added her email address as a Guest on our hub, verified her email address, and logged in through the app on her phone.

When is showed me a list of existing phones and offered to let me add a new device, I mistakenly clicked on the one existing phone (thinking it was a place for me to edit the name). I realized my error and changed the name of the phone on the settings screen of the app.

Now when I go to Select Hub and click ‘Create New Device’, it just takes me into my hub without asking me what I want the device to be called... and whichever device I am on becomes THE ONLY MOBILE DEVICE on my hub. So I can have my wife’s phone on there, or my phone on there, but not both. Help!

I uninstalled the app from my wife’s phone, and reinstalled it... from there I was able to get it worked out.

The trick is not to be fooled by the ‘select existing or add new mobile device’ screen, because if you pick the wrong thing, you’ll have to reinstall the app to try again.


There is no way to make the procedure from the PC?

Understanding that I was basically trying to register a mobile device, it didn't cross my mind to try to do it from the PC.

could also clear the app's data

Probably so. I think that's easier on Android that iOS (and I'm on iOS).

Seems like just a bug that after selecting an existing phone, the 'Add New Device' button no longer works.

ahhh, i'm on android so not sure the nuances of ios. i think others have complained about the ios app before. hopefully they can fix whatever the bug is

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I muddled through it but I thought the whole process of adding a second user and a second mobile device is very confusing. It would be nice to see a paper or writeup on Hubitat security. I couldn't find much.

you don't need to add a second user to add a second mobile device, FYI

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