Adding user lock code failed on schlage lock


Update: Tried it for the zillionth time today and it finally worked. Not sure why the issue was happening. It only took a week. lol...

I can control my Schlage lock without issue, but it won't let me add a new user in LCM all of a sudden. I has let me add other users, just not now. Like I said, I can lock and unlock it, but can't add a user in LCM. It just says failed. Hubitat also had an update last night.

I have repaired zwave and it still won't work.

Any tips?



Are you using lock code manager, or directly adding a user & code from the device page?

Edit - I've had issues with LCM.


Yes, with LCM. I edited post to add that.


Can you add directly from the edit device page? Trying to determine if it's a device issue or app issue? Can you command the lock to lock and unlock from the edit device page? Z-wave or zigbee variety?


I was having some similar issues. I was not able to control the lock, but it was reporting the status if I manually unlocked it and also the battery. I was not able to edit or add lock codes either. I unplugged the batteries and plugged it back in and everything worked for me again.


Did you delete all lock code from the lock, then try adding them from LCM? This is a Schlage quirk.


Can't speak for the OP, but I certainly did that. LCM failed when I tried added codes to two locks at the same time (FE599, BE469). Works perfectly with the BE469 every time.

Ultimately, I ended up using the device page for each lock to add codes.


That should not be. Tagging @mike.maxwell


I think I saw in another thread that someone had sent @mike.maxwell a FE599. If there is still a need for an FE599 to be sent, I am likely to be able to do so after June 15th.


I just installed Yale Assure SL with ZWave module. I was able to add two users and code to the lock via the device page. I then added Lock Manager and tried to add a third. I submit, but the job fails each time. Device page attempt with same name and code won't work now.

Any idea why LM can't successfully insert user and code and why a failed attempt seems to prevent submission on device page?

Logs look normal.


I can command lock and unlock with HE app. Not sure what the edit device page is other than the LCM?


Unplugged battery and still have issue


It wont save the code to begin with.


I dont know what the device page is to add codes on? Where is that? I know the device page, but I see a chart with stuff.


I looked at the logs and found this:
dev:652019-05-26 03:25:20.405 pm warnchangeIsValid:false, length of code "####" does not match codeLength of null

The #### is the 4 digit code, I edited that to post here. Lock is setup for 4 digit codes and all the other 4 digit codes work, I just cant save new ones to it anymore with LCM. Again, I can lock and unlock the lock with HE, just cant add user.

Thank you.


Tried it for the zillionth time today and it finally worked. Not sure why the issue was happening. It only took a week. lol...


The lock shows up as a device under the Devices menu. Select the lock and you will be shown the Device config/details page.


Yes, adding lock codes to schlage locks is broken, either via LCM or directly from the driver page.
I'm expecting a dedicated schlage driver to be completed and released in platform 2.1.1 that will resolve this issue as well as a failure to report physical changes.

Schlage z wave lock

Thanks Yap. Interesting, I can see where I think it wants this info, but it also wants position. Not sure what that means. I thought you needed the app to do it.

Thanks again.


Thank you.