Adding new Ring camera, setup safety question

I'm adding a new Ring camera, and it needs to be in a spot that doesn't have high WAF, so I'm trying to mount it as "inconspicously" as possible w/something the size of a wired Ring floodlight cam sitting on a junction box. :slight_smile:

It's going to be attached to the fascia on my house, and I'd like to mount it so it doesn't stick out too much as usual.

I'm running the electrical through to the light via a hole drilled in the fascia. Normally I'd mount a junction box on the outside of the fascia and mount the camera to the junction box. What I'd like to do to make things a little more flush is mount the junction box on the inside of the fascia, mount the light on the outside of the fascia, and run the wires from the cam housing through the hole in the fascia into the junction box on the inside of the fascia.

Is that OK from a code/safety perspective? Or is it an incredibly stupid idea that could result in end of life as we know it? Or something in-between? :slight_smile:

Something like this might work for you?

Retrofit Ceiling Box

Hmm, more appropriate for use on the Soffit portion of the roof. :thinking:

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I did this exact thing and this is the box I used:

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Thanks, but yeah, not what I need.

I do already have the junction box, just wondering if I can safely use it on the inside of the fascia...the Ring mount would be on the outside of the fascia. So in the pic below, the steel mounting disc that comes w/the Ring would be mounted directly to the outside of the fascia, and the junction box behind it would be mounted to the inside of the fascia, hole drilled through the fascia board to allow wires to pass from the camera into the junction box to be connected to power.

Thanks - mine's not a soffit install - my fascia is too large/deep to do that kind of mount, it would block the floodlight cam.

I had an external pancake type box with my old dumb flood and hated the look of the ring coming down so I bought the above mentioned box and used a hole saw to drill the circle and installed that box.

Code requires that electrical connections be within a gang box so assuming you have room above the soffit and no joists blocking you should be fine.

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Sorry missed fascia. They do make pancake boxes that won’t stick out as far as the one you posted above.

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I'll look for a shallower one, but regardless I'd really like the box to be on the inside...but sounds like as long as the wiring connections are inside the junction box (and they will be) then I'm good.

Am I misunderstanding?

Correct though will say that during an addition about 5.5 years ago electricians installed a flood light under the soffit of my addition and they didn't use an electrical box. Small hole where Romex comes out and then into the floodlight. I have also seen facia lights installed the same.

I am not an electrician and don't understand the code requirements of why one wasn't required for my install by licensed electricians where an inspection was required. Maybe worth stopping by an electrical supply house and ask someone. The ring mounting plates are much wider than any round box I have seen and have insulation to keep water out so maybe they are meant to install directly on the board.

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I was thinking the same...the top are of the mounting plate will be sheltered by the overhang of the roof files just above the installation site, and I'm going to apply some caulk around the inside of the plate to further protect it.

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