Adding new C7 (setting up mesh) for fringe locks

I am adding my second C7 for a couple of fringe locks and want to set up a mesh. Would it be best to remove the fringe locks from my current C7 and add them to the new C7 and then set up a mesh? Or can I just leave the fringe locks on my current C7 and then set up mesh?

If the locks are working fine, leave them on your existing hub and just mesh enable them.

Now, to be fair, these are the Schlage BE469ZW+ locks and I know that there are problems. I have added the Ring repeaters close to them to see if that helped. Nope. I am replacing them with Yale Assure 2 ZW+ locks.

Definitely some mesh issues there. I have 3 of them in a 5600 sqft house and mine are rock solid. I would try to exclude then re pair them to see if they route through your repeaters...

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