Adding mobile device

Currently installing a second hub in a different location. My Pixel 8 and iPad that automatically integrated in the 1st installation are not present in the 2nd hub and I have failed to date to figure out how to add it.

Have you logged into the new hub from the Hubitat mobile app on those two devices?

That’s the only way I know of to “integrate” a mobile device.

Hi, yes I have, I've been toggling back in forth from one hub to the other from each device to recreate basic rules. My next step was to uninstall the Mobile app and hope on réinstallation it would appear.

You mean from the app settings menu you are tapping on “select hub,” then tapping on your new hub’s name? At that point, you should see an option to use a pre-existing mobile app device, or create a new mobile app device.

Please confirm.

Yes, however I do not see the command to add existing devices. I uninstalled the Hubitat app on my iPad and reinstalled it and now my iPad appears. I suppose I'll do the same from my Pixel phone and probably again it will appear. It would be nice if it could be added without having to do that.

From the new hub’s perspective, I don’t think there is a pre-existing device. But you should have the option to create a new mobile app device.

You could also try logging out and then back into the app, selecting the new hub when you login. That should create the new mobile device.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the mobile app is likely unnecessary.

Correct, logging out and back in from the Pixel 8 made it appear. Got to remember that when I install my 3rd hub. Now if I can just clean up lock code management I've got the perfect system. Thank you.

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