Adding legacy Leviton dimmers

I'm another refugee from the eternal blinking blue-light of Wink. I have a large number of Leviton plug-in dimmers that it controlled, but I can't seem to get them to pair with Hubitat.

To experiment, I got a never-used DZPD3 Z-Wave unit "new" out of the box. I've tried different ways to pair it including Manual Z-Wave but it just doesn't see it. I see other messages here referring to this same model so it apparently can be done. How do I troubleshoot this?

I would suspect that Leviton device should work fine. I would try the following:

  1. Look up in the DZPD3 manual how to put it into exclusion mode.
  2. In Settings->Z-wave Details, perform a Z-wave Exclude
  3. Do the exclusion sequence on the device within 10-15 feet of the hub. HE should say it excluded 1 device. If it does, it sees the device's radio and signal just fine.

Then retry your inclusion procedure.


In addition to what was said above, at first the Z-wave mesh will be quite weak. And these probably are Z-wave and not Z-wave PLUS, so they can't pair in place, or over a long distance.

Either way, try moving them close to the hub when pairing and then move them to their final location. See if that helps, and like mentioned try excluding before re-including if you can't simply include when they are close to the hub.

Newer Zwave Plus can pair in place, so this isn't a normal practice for every Zwave device.

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I've got 5 or 6 of the Leviton DZPD3's installed (BTW they are Plus models). I did run into weird problems initially with ghosts. I fixed it by first removing the ghosts, then doing an Exclude, followed by a Factory Reset, then an inclusion. Since then (Jan/Feb of this year) I've had no other problems.

I would try pairing using the generic Z-Wave Plus Dimmer driver.


There appear to be two different versions of the DZPD3. The original non plus version ( and a later one that is

I think the SKU for the earlier non plus model is DZPD3-1 and the later plus version is DZPD3-2, with the color code suffix added (BW, etc).


Thanks, running the exclusion seemed to work, odd though since this was new out of the box. It is a Z-Wave Plus model, although I'm sure I have older ones around the house

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Even a new in box unit I always exclude before including. Its worked for me for years.

I personally would only use zwave plus devices at this point unless there was no newer option for that device type.

My sanity and a more stable mesh is worth the small added expense of replacing older non-plus devices. Others on the forum (are your ears ringing @aaiyar?) have excellent success with a mix of both non plus and plus devices.

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Thanks for clearing that up. I just checked and looks like all of my models are the xxxx-2.


I have some old VRPD3 (basically the same but with the Vizia+ RF capability.

I recently removed reset and rejoined a dimmer module. I used the below to exclude it:

@TonyC I would also point out that since you are new to pairing with hubitat, one thing you need to be careful of. If you have a failed pairing, STOP! Check your settings>>z-wave details page. If a ghost was created (you will see nothing in the routing column), it needs to be removed first. If you don't remove it you will start having problems with your mesh including pairing new devices. After removing the ghost, factory reset the device and attempt to pair again. Rinse and repeat. This is one of the biggest keys to having a healthy mesh.