Adding Kwikset 914 (Migrating from SmartThings)

New user coming over from SmartThings here. I've saved my door lock for last, as I have a feeling it's going to be complicated. I know that the numeric codes are stored on the lock itself and will continue to work even if the lock is disconnected from an automation platform. But is there any way to import existing codes that are on the lock into Hubitat so that I can just assign names to them, or do I have to delete them all and re-add them from Hubitat in order to be able to manage them in Hubitat? What's the best way to proceed here?

Just went thru this with my Kwikset. These instructions worked. Reset the lock first.

Once added you can go to the device in Hubitat and relaod the codes

When I migrated my locks from Wink, I did not need to factory reset them. I excluded them from Wink and then paired them with Hubitat. Heads up though, pairing was a PIA and it took several tries before they paired correctly (securely). My existing codes came over but had generic users and I was able to correct that from the device page. I was not able to do it from the Lock Code Manager app since I had 2 locks and User 1 on Lock 1 was not the same as User 1 on Lock 2. The app looks at codes by User name and not device.

Well that's good to know. I only have one lock, so hopefully won't be a problem. I don't mind manually editing the names. It's nice to know it can import existing codes.

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