Adding Inovelli NZW97 Shows up as Ring Alarm Retrofit

I just got my new Hubitat and started moving devices over from smartthings but my Inovelli NZW97 keeps showing up as Ring Alarm Retrofit with 8 contact sensors. I do have a ring alarm system but I'm pretty sure that is not getting discovered by Hubitat because it only gets discovered when I plug in my Inovelli.

Did you try installing and using the driver from Inovelli?

Exclude them from HE and try to add them WITHOUT ticking the S2 security stuff. It will add correctly with the proper driver

I had already installed the drivers but unticking the all the security stuff didn't work the first time but did the second time. It did not get recognized correctly it just got recognized as device. I named it and had to select under type in the device settings after adding to and select Inovelli 2 Channel then it all worked correctly.

Now the only problem is that if the button on the outlet is pushed to manually turn on the outlets the dashboard does not update the current state of the outlets.