Adding cells to my hubitat without sharing the password?

So I added my cell phone via the Hubitat Elevation, it was overly complex by the way, and I lost the dashboard I had initially, probably that I have to create a new one specifically for the phone now.

Anyway, I would like to add my girl friend cell phone to the hub so she can receive push notification. But I do not want to give her the credentials, is there anyway to do this ?

That's not possible. The driver for the phone isn't able to delete dashboards.

Do you mean, you want to give her access to receive notifications but not to access dashboards? That isn't possible. I would suggest that you use another means of sending her notifications if you don't want her to have access to other aspects of the hub. But if you did want to give her access, she would have to go to and register her email address. Then you can go into your hub and add her as an allowed user. She would then use her credentials to log into the mobile app the same way you did.

There is pushover and you can assign a dashboard for her to use.

How can you do that? You can't assign dashboard by user because dashboard don't require you to log in. You can create a dashboard and give her the pin but that means she would have to enter the pin every time she launched the dashboard.

Maybe give her a link to a cloud dashboard and make sure the menu option allowing access to other/home dashboards is removed?

If you don't trust her enough to give her the password to your home automation, then you haven't been with her long enough. Save yourself the trouble and wait. Create a tablet in the house for her to use with a dashboard.

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That's still not "assigning" her a dashboard. I still don't understand what that was supposed to mean.

Well I managed to get both cell phone connected, it was not really intuitive to be honest, on both apps (ios and android) the process and action I took were different.

I will never trust my gf with anything that touch computers :smiley: however it's ok I know she's not going to play with it and anyway I am going to make backups