Adding Aeotec Range Extenders has made my BE469 and FE599 locks reliable

@mike.maxwell This time the Aeotec Range Extender 6 paired as a "Generic Zwave Repeater" instead of the "Device"

Generic Z-Wave Repeater



ID: 64

Manufacturer: 0086

Product Name:

Model Number:

deviceTypeId: 174


nodeId : 64

deviceId : 0075

manufacturer : 0086

deviceType : 0104

inClusters : 0x5E,0x26,0x33,0x70,0x85,0x59,0x72,0x86,0x7A,0x73,0x98,0x5A

outClusters :

After I paired only 1 range extender yesterday, I too had the issues begin to return, After adding my second one today, and excluding and including a few times (trying different strategic locations) I know have it rock solid working again. I have now ordered a 3rd one on it's way just to add a bit of redundancy. So far with this latest exclusion/inclusion, I have yet to need to do a zwave repair as both troubled locks are performing instantly.

Alright, I'll buy another one. It really bugs me that I didn't need all of these extra extenders with my Wink v1... oh well.

We are all in this same boat, I didn't need them with Vera either


I hear ya.

I'm considering dusting off my Wink v1 and adding it as a repeater out in the garage to see if that will help. If the 2nd extender doesn't fix this, that will be my next step to try.

That's a good idea. I too didn't need any additional repeaters with Wink 1 or Wink 2. I have four of the Aeotec Range Extenders; I can confirm that adding a single one was insufficient. Four is overkill, but I got them really cheap ($13.50 a piece).

Man, is there anymore where you got them I'm paying 25+?

I got two used on Amazon Warehouse for $22 a piece. Randomly found a girl on Craigslist New Orleans selling a brand-new 2-pack as Aeotec WiFi extenders for $15. She sold them for $10. Highly likely they were stolen off someone's porch, but that's a supposition.

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Are you using the Reliable Locks app? If so what do you have your locks set to refresh interval at?


Yes. 10 minutes.

Right on, That's what I had but I still had them drop off a little bit (usually happens with excessive device chatter), so I'm down to 5 minutes until my 3rd repeater comes in, then I'll start working my way up until they stay on all the least now their not very difficult to get back to polling.

@waynespringer79 @aaiyar what driver are you using with your repeaters. I am currently using this one but may switch to the generic zwave repeater driver: Aeotec range extender problems


I didn't know about that driver. I'm just using the generic z-wave repeater driver. They pair as "Device".

I'm using the generic one as well

My first one paired as a device, I later excluded and included again and it paired as a "Generic Zwave Repeater" and automatically assigned the Generic Zwave Repeater driver. As did my second one paired like this as well

Thanks guys. I had started them off with that other driver, but have switched both to "Generic Zwave Repeater" for now. If this doesn't do the trick, then I'll see about adding my Wink v1 back as a repeater as well...


:frowning: For two days after I added the 2nd repeater things seemed to be working well. I thought maybe this was resolved. But no. This morning my side door (20’ from the hub, 15’ from the repeater, 2’ from a Z-Wave plus plug with beaming) stopped responding to rules and commands via the hub. Disconnecting and reconnecting the batteries (which I replaced 2 weeks ago with all new) got it working again after a few minutes.

I still believe the issue is not just drivers or mesh. I believe the issue to be related to some combination of interaction between rules, the software on the hub, and drivers for the locks based on thorough testing which I have shared previously, and am happy to share again if @bobbyD finds it useful.

I am otherwise so very happy with Hubitat for everything else - so much more than Wink - but this lock issue is beyond frustrating.


One thing to possibly try is letting the mesh fix itself.....sounds crazy, but this has helped mine.

After I first begin trying these range extenders, I followed the logs religiously, as well as non-responsiveness issues. And as soon as I noticed an issue with dropping off the communication (missing refreshes/unresponsive/etc) I would begin power cycling the lock, rebooting the hub, running zwave repairs, etc. Which would get it back going for a short time.

The last 4-5 days I've been monitoring but not doing anything, and I notice now the polling/unresponsiveness is almost all but gone, it's definitely improving on its own if it happens it comes right back after a couple more polls and rules seem to work as they should.

Nothing related to this issue sounds crazy anymore. I’ll give it a try. :slight_smile:

I also do have two more range extenders coming, as I do see a significant improvement since I've added the first two

$100 for range extenders sure beats throwing away and replacing $600 worth of locks