Added Aeotec Exetender 7 - Nothing Routes Through It

I just added an Aeotec extender 7 with S2 and ran a Zwave repair. According to the Zwave table nothing is routing through it and those switches that were running at 9.6 kbps are still running at 9.6 kbps. It is 12 feet away from the hub and roughly 12 feet away from the slow switches.

Any thoughts as to what is going on with the extender?

Give your mesh time to self-route. Z-Wave Plus devices do it in the background.. There is no way to manually specify a route.

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Thanks. So zwave repair doesn't force the self-routing process?

Not exactly, but kind of. :slight_smile:

First a repair asks the device who it thinks its neighbors are. Based on that info routes can change, but it isn't guaranteed that they will.


Good to know. The extender sees 14 neighbors so I guess that's a plus for eventual self-routing.

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The routing algorithms are a bit of a mystery. They work, more or less, but it isn't clear exactly how it calculates the preferred routes as it uses a number of variables.


It's frustrating, I know. You go through all the effort to buy and deploy repeaters... and then... nothing. You kinda want the other devices to flock to the repeaters screaming "thank you" along the way. Unfortunately, that's not what happens. The existing devices sit there like some aloof cat ignoring a newcomer. But over time they will come to accept it. Give it a few days and let nature take its course.




So true, and it may take more than a few days.


My cats just barf.


That sums it up perfectly.

And that is why I love dogs... and maybe even zigbee

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