Add wife as user with mobile presence

New user, added wife as a user in my "Hub Login Security" section, just clicked add user, and filled in the details.

Installed the Hubitat app on her Iphone, clicked on find hubs, search, and selected our hub, and then it takes her right in as an admin instead of a user with full access.

My phone is android, when I use the app on my phone, I only get access to mobile presence geolocation and dashboards, why is her iPhone app not doing the same?

after you selected the hub, did you also select to add a new mobile device?

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Figured it out using this document:

I've been doing IT SysAdmin work for 25 yrs, and this has to be the worst implementation of user management I have ever seen, it's like they intentionally mislead you in the GUI.

You can add multiple presence devices to your admin account, for as many devices you install the app on. As previously mentioned, you just need to select add new device during set up. Regarding users, the "Hub Login Security" has only one account. And if the login security is enabled, those specific credentials must be used to connect to the hub. Please be aware that those credentials are saved locally on your hub, and are not the same as the credentials used to log into the mobile app. You don't need to create a separate account for your spouse if you use your admin account to log in on her phone.

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that's honestly not an excuse. i've been doing sysadmin work for significantly less than 25 years but i didn't have an issue. i think you referencing the accounts and not devices document lead to the confusion

edit: sorry if that sounds snarky, was not the intention. at the end of the day, it's new tech, and there's a learning curve. thankfully there's an active community to help fix most issues you might come across. for the things the community can't help with, the devs are also here. we'll just chalk this up to frustrates oversite and we're here for any other issues/help/guidance you might need, and defintely look forward to your interactions as well

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Missing the point, user management should be intuitive, shouldn't need to read multiple documents to add a user.

Sorry, also don't mean to be snarky, but the frustration is real for sure, they could of made this SOOO much easier...

What's wrong with a user management module on your settings menu?

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it could be a little bit clearer, but thankfully not terrible to execute. i set my wife up a while ago, and after the initial "selecting my mobile device on her phone then realizing it kicked me off" moment, i set myself back up the. took my time on hers to actually read the screen and it (at least to me) felt pretty intuitive. obviously ymmv

one thing i love with the HE staff is any/all suggestions are taken into account. if you can present a better wheel, definitely do so. at the very worst they'll explain why it can't be implemented, but at the best you'll either learn the way to do it (may be an oversight) or they'll try to incorporate it into a future update


Thank you for your feedback. We agree that current user management is confusing, that's why we simplified it in the next release.

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Awesome, sorry, not trying to be whiny , thanks for listening to your user base !

Has anyone also mentioned it may be more intuitive to select your devices visible in your dashboard by putting that functionality in the gear icon on you active dashboard ?

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No, I don't recall being mentioned before, but that's an interesting idea. Will share it with our developers for future consideration. Thanks again.

Anytime, always willing to help the community, as a new user I can't contribute much yet, but will as I grow with this system.