Add warning about Hunches in the Amazon Echo Skill app

Since this comes up pretty often I am betting there are 10x more people who struggle with it and never make a post on here.

Could just be one sentence at the top of the integration app, warning people that Alexa Hunches are enabled by default in the Alexa app and what impact it may have on devices that are shared.


Will do... in an upcoming release.


Now if someone could warn Amazon that "hunches" suck and should go away :rage:


If you set it up correctly it is useful. It turns off lights the kids turn back on and leave on, after my 11pm full shut down.

If wife and I both leave I have echo speaks setup to set Alexa to away mode, and then the hunches will shut off a bunch of the lights.

I could make other rules to do this, but it just happens with the hunches.

Hunches are for people without power user setups. The average Alexa user would have no clue how to write a Hubitat rule and most donā€™t have Hubitat or some equivalent. They are happily using Echo devices and smart bulbs and other devices, so the hunches feel like magic. For those of us here, it feels lame and like a distraction from the more sophisticated automations that we think are normal. I like the idea of advising us power users to just turn it off. I used to work at Amazon in their devices group so I know first hand that they are squarely focused on the non-power users that drive volume and ignore the low volume minority power users.


I think it's a good idea to add this to the documentation as well, so here it is:

If you link to that particular section, like I did, your browser should take you directly there, where I've also linked to Amazon's instructions for disabling the feature (I figure they'll do a better job of keeping that particular part up to date ... or at least easier links to their support channels if not).


Wish I could love this multiple times!

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My experience with hunches wasn't shutting off lights. It was turning them on. at 100% brightness. ONLY in the bedroom at 3:15 every morning. We don't have any connected bulbs anywhere in the house that are EVER anywhere near 100%. The highest we go is 60%, and even then my wife is complaining they are too bright! I get the CONCEPT may be good, but the execution needed a lot more work before being put into production.

I don't think mine has ever turned lights on so that is odd.
If it ever does something like that I would for sure turn it off right away.
I should just build some rules and turn it off anyway, maybe one day but it works for now.

That was why I was so eager to work out the home kit thing a few months ago. I evicted Alexa 2 years ago and lost a lot of points over it. Getting the voice control back with Siri has been a big win.

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While you are in there any chance you could update the drop down menu so it has the search box in it? Would make it easier to add a single new device vs trying to find it in the giant list.

Hmm.. I thought there was a way to make an input list searchable but now I cannot even figure out how to do it myself. Am I dreaming things up?

Like this, dashboard app

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