Add Tags to repository with hpm

I learn that :

But however I add tags as:
--tags=["Doors & Windows","Temperature & Humidity"]
--tags="Doors & Windows","Temperature & Humidity"
hpm report error "An error occurred: An invalid tag was specified."
Can anyone tell me how to add a tags list? Thanks!

This is my repository json which only has my unified thermostat drivers in it (I didn't use the tools to generate it...)

	"author": "Simon Burke (sburke781)",
	"gitHubUrl": "",
	"packages": [
			"name": "Unified Thermostat",
			"category": "",
			"location": "",
			"description": "Integrates Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Thermostat platforms in Australia / NZ, Europe and the U.S. using a single unified set of drivers.  Simply select your platform, enter your credentials and start using your thermostat(s) in rules, dashboards and applications.  Multiple units are supported, detected automatically during the authentication / setup process.  There is scope for expanding this to support other thermostats in the future, benefiting from the existing structure and logic built to integrate Mitsubishi platforms.",
			"tags": [ "Climate Control","Temperature & Humidity","Cloud","LAN" ]

Which come to think of it, isn't what you asking, you're asking about the use of the tool...

Probably best to post on the HPM topic....

It turns out that this document can be completed manually (not through HPM), thank you!

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Probably worth using the command line tool as a starting point at the very least to get the generated GUID's, I just took some from the example and changed 3-4 characters.

@dman2306 - If not for @susam0912 's benefit, for others who may strike this issue, any tips on how to successfully populate the tags in the command line?

Valid Categories and Tags are in:


"Doors & Windows" and "Temperature & Humidity" are set by reference to it. The question now is how to set multiple tabs at once.

Easiest way is to use a text editor and add them like above:


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