Add Supported Driver for StelPro Z-Wave Thermostat (STZW402+)

I'd like to request an official driver be created for teh StlPro Z-Wave Thermostat.

There's an official driver, but I'd prefer official support for a thermostat.

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Have you looked at the generic z-wave thermostat driver? If it uses standard thermostat clusters, the generic driver will read all available functions from the thermostat.

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Any thermostat should work great with the Generic Z-Wave Plus Thermostat driver…. If you want to give me a fingerprint for the device, I’d be happy to add to that driver.


I'm currently using a custom driver and found it has a lot of attributes not applicable to this device. This thermostat is for baseboard heat and doesn't need most of the attributes an HVAC thermostat would need. I suspect the case would the same for the generic thermostat driver.

How would I find the fingerprint for a device?

The generic will only show what's actually available on the device, not add attributes. So if it shows attributes that you don't need, that simply means they are using the same firmware they use in others because some of the stuff applies and they were too lazy to remove what doesn't.

Switch drive to DEVICE click save, then open a log window, go back to the device page and click configure. Cut and paste what comes out of it. Then switch it back to the driver you want (or the generic driver if you want to check it out) Click save, and click configure again. (always click configure)

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Looks like the generic driver is very similar to the custom one, but it captures a few more available attributes. I'll give that a try and see how it goes.


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Good morning. Did u manage to give it a try ??

Yes I've been using it for a few months now. Although it includes attributes not used by my baseboard thermostat, it does control the temperature setting successfully. Thanks!

For whatever it's worth I've been using this driver for years and it seems solid, not sure if this can be used for a native driver - it's apache 2.0 licensed:

The driver linked above :point_up: is an older version (2016) of the Stelpro driver still cluttered with smartthings specific stuff. It will generate error.

Use a more recent and cleaner one:

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Here is the info I believe you were asking about:

  • deviceType: 1
  • firmware1Version: 1.04
  • firmwareVersion: 1.0
  • hardwareVersion: 1
  • inClusters: 0x5E,0x86,0x72,0x40,0x43,0x31,0x85,0x59,0x5A,0x73,0x20,0x42
  • manufacturer: 569
  • protocolVersion: 4.05
  • zwNodeInfo: D3 9C 00 04 08 06 5E 86 72 40 43 31 85 5C 59 5A 73 20 42 68 23

I just added two of these that I own. Is the groovy used for the "Generic Z-Wave Plus Thermostat" public? I am finding that device has higher load than other devices I have added and caused one heavy load warning on the hub.

The SlelPro provides an unsolicited Basic notification to the Lifeline device about its state. I am wondering if that is being used or if there some sort of polling behavior which is causing a resource issue on the hub. ( I haven't sniffed the traffic at this point, my concern about polled events is based on the Hubitat's logs for the device ).

Did you ever add the driver for the the STZW402+ Stelpro ki ?

You can use the generic. The fingerprint will probably be added on the next platform but the driver won't be changed since the generic z-wave plus thermostat driver works just dandy with it.

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You can also use the driver I linked above. People who used it seems to be happy with it. It is more specific to that thermostat (like eco mode).

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I tried copying this as new driver code and got the following:

unable to resolve class physicalgraph.zwave.commands.thermostatsetpointv2.ThermostatSetpointReport @ line 134, column 16. unable to resolve class physicalgraph.zwave.commands.sensormultilevelv3.SensorMultilevelReport @ line 155, column 16. unable to resolve class physicalgraph.zwave.commands.thermostatoperatingstatev1.ThermostatOperatingStateReport @ line 170, column 16. unable to resolve class physicalgraph.zwave.commands.thermostatmodev2.ThermostatModeReport @ line 187, column 16. unable to resolve class physicalgraph.zwave.commands.basicv1.BasicReport @ line 205, column 16. unable to resolve class physicalgraph.zwave.Command @ line 209, column 16.

You downloaded the wrong driver. The one known to work is this one:

Hubitat-miscellaneous/Stelpro KI Zwave.groovy at main · ymerj/Hubitat-miscellaneous · GitHub

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Hey... old post, I know.. just wondering if Stelpro ever updated the firmware to resolve the heavy load? Based on a review comment on amazon (maybe it was you or someone on here?) there's almost no hysteresis in the firmware and if the current temp is sitting on the edge it just continually barks out messages toggling between the 2 temps? Device looks perfect for what I wanted otherwise... so curious if this ever got resolved.

Also... for anyone that ones this thermostat... realized this is off-topic, but thread full of folks with the device and Stelpro support isn't giving me a straight answer and just responding with "your electrician will know how to install it" (electrician? what's that... haha). Does this install in single gang box like most of the old line voltage thermostats were? I would assume so to be compatible, but the faceplate looks big, so concerned it's hiding something wide enough it needs a double gang and I need to cut up the wall. Thanks for any info!

I have 12 of those and they are all install in single gang box. The plate allow you to choose what side you wish the device to extend (3 choices: left, right or center). They connect the same way the regular dumb thermostat they replace.

User guide

As for the firmware, I have not seen an update available anywhere. It would be nice if there was one because they sure generate lots of traffic.

Thanks for the info! Might just have to go ZigBee instead... Stumbled over a different thread suggesting this one as an alternative:

This particular model is even a dual pole hard disconnect, so there's no minimum wattage requirement like the Stelpro and the other model Sinopes that are triac based.

Only using it for a tiny bedroom in a cabin that only has a couple feet of baseboard... Should be 500watts if it's standard baseboard (250w/ft @ 220), but who knows what's installed.

The other base boards in the cabin are all just the dial on the unit, so I just added zooz dry contact relays to those ones.

Anyway.. Thanks for the info, figured I'd add a little more for others that stumble over it.

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