Add Shelly Vintage light bulb

Hello Hubitat experts!!!

I just got the Hub and added several devices. The one I can't seem to figure out is the Shelly Vintage light bulb. It seems that there are native drivers for Shelly bulbs but not specifically the Vintage line. I went online and found a Vintage driver and went through the motions of installing it (import RAW text from the website. I was able to verify the driver imported successfully.

I don't know what to do next. Can somebody send me some instructions?

Create a virtual device, use the driver, click save. Go to driver page and fill out spaces for ip addr, etc.

Didn't I answer this question a few days ago?? All shelly drivers are at GitHub - ShellyUSA/Hubitat-Drivers: Device Handlers To Use Shelly Products With Hubitat

Main thread is here Shelly Device Handlers for Hubitat

Thank you for the quick response!!! I was able to get it working. Oddly enough, after I installed the drivers from github, I didn't create a virtual device, I created a standard device then filled in the local IP address and it started to work. That was after the second time trying though (? puzzled).

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Thank you. I was able to download and install the driver for the Shelly Vintage.