Add second phone

I'm trying to add my wife's iPhone to Hubitat so she can receive push notifications. I've added her email to the hub as a guest account.
I installed Hubitat on her phone and logged into Hubitat.
I have access to Hubitat from her iPhone.

But I can't find her iPhone on the list of devices in Hubitat.

You have to add a virtual device. the driver is mobile app device.

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I finally got my wife's iPhone to show up by deleting the mobile Hubitat app, re-installing, logging in with her credentials and then it gave me the option to create a new mobile device.

I did not have to add a virtual device. Not sure if that method would work, but I have my doubts. How would Hubitat know which mobile phone that virtual device points to?

Anyway, all is well now.

Thank you. :grinning:

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Yah, it's been a while since I added a device. Your way was the right way, I'm sure. Glad you got it working.

Yep I had to do this as well a while back. In my case GEO fencing was working, but notifications were not. I had to delete the virtual device for the phone (it was in HE), uninstall/reinstall app and create a new VD upon login.

If anyone has issues connecting a phone to HE, or pushing notifications via HE, I would recommend going through this process.

It still has is the same usability (need to have an account before installing the application) ... not good.

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