Add RM 3.0 as as user app?

I have a new / second hub. Is it possible to add RM 3.0 as a user app. I do have a RM 3.0 cloned copy on my primary hub. Current platform version is hub- and there is no older version to restore to.

What would be the benefit of using the old version of Rule Machine? I'm just trying to understand.

There are some rules that are much simpler to implement. Plus it is still supported, just hidden.

Restore a backup from your old hub on your new hub? You'll have to delete all the devices, and re-add the ones you paired to the new hub, but I think that'll work.

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No, "User app" means code you've added yourself (under "Apps Code"). Rule 3.0 is closed source and would be a built-in app, but the only way to keep using it on new hub firmware is to have already had it installed, ideally with a "clone master" rule you could use to keep making new ones if you want. No way around that besides already having done so restoring an (entire) backup that had it.

That being said, its not getting any love anymore. It's different, and some things do take more clicks, but Rule 4.0 is the only one getting updates and new features. They've also hinted (in the last Hubitat Live episode) that RM is likely to stabilize here for a while with no major changes, so it's safe to learn without worrying that you'll have to change everything you know again. :slight_smile: If you haven't seen the docs, there are lots of examples of how to rethink Rule 3.0 rules in Rule 4.0 terms. I understand the desire either way, but I think this is the best bet long term. Good luck with whatever path you choose!


Most of my rules are in RM 4. There are a couple that were just plain difficult to do in 4 that are painless in 3. As I indicated, I have a clone of 3 in my main hub. My interest is adding a copy of 3 to a new / development one.

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Care to share? Maybe someone will have an easier idea. :slight_smile: The worst case is usually that you just need an IF THEN/ELSE/END-IF with actions in both sections to replace the previous "Actions for True" and "Actions for False" sections, so only a few more clicks, so I'm also curious what other differences real-world rules have. (EDIT: I guess you'd also have to hand-make the retired "Restrictions," so I could see that, too, though the trade off is that they are much more more powerful.)

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