Add Nest without MATTER?

I have a C8 Hub.
I have a Nest Thermostat that I want to add to HE.
When I click on add device and choose GOOGLE it shows
the Thermosat there to add, but it wants me to scan a
code and enter a "MATTER" 11 digit number.
I have no idea what "MATTER" is.
What do I "scan"???

The back of the Thermostat?
I am lost as this point as I now NOTHING about "MATTER"....just
want to add the Nest Thermostat and not use "MATTER".

I have Nest smoke detectors that I have had for years in HE that I did
not have to use MATTER to add them back then.

Is there an easier way without MATTER?

Thank you!

Does your thermostat support Matter? If so, that will likely be the easiest way. Since you have questions, I'd suggest reading:

If you had them added a different way before, it's likely that was years ago. As far as I remember, Google cut off pretty much all access outside their own a while back, making most integrations difficult in the meantime.

What type of Nest Thermostat do you have? Only the most recent Nest Thermostat can use the Matter integration.

If you didn't want to use Matter, [RELEASE] Google SDM API - Nest integration would be the integration method to get the Nest Thermostat into Hubitat. My guess is this is how you got your smoke detectors into Hubitat.

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Thank you all for the help, but I am giving up on adding my Nest Thermostat to HE. I can control it with Google & Alexa as I have done for years now so I see now reason to really add it so HE as I am so confused on the MATTER junk...My wife is tired of me fooling with it & getting stressed over it. :joy:

She thinks I didn't need the thing on the HE dash board anyway.

Thank you again!

I've never integrated my thermostat (Honeywell Prestige/TCC) into my larger home-automation ecosystem either -- I simply have no need to.

We leave it on its program and if we ever really need to temporarily adjust it (very rarely), we just go do it from the stat.

I like the peace-of-mind knowing that I can access it remotely from its own app if necessary (and that works great), but my average for actually doing that is like once every couple years.

Your Nest thermostat is not Matter capable. You'd need to use the SDM method noted above.