Add Milliseconds on Delay Time

Is there a way to add milliseconds as an option on the Delay option in RM? I need something between 10 and 11 seconds for a delay I'm doing with my hourly chimes. Even if it's restricted to a hundredth of a second although would love to be able to use a variable with it too though somehow.

You can type something like 10.5 in the "seconds" box.

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Oh I didn't realize it supported decimals, I'll give that a try. Does it support just 1 decimal place or multiple decimal places?

It will let you type in arbitraily many, but I can't speak to how it performs any rounding--probably nearest millisecond? If you already have a 10-11 second delay, I can't imagine this mattering that much, but I don't know what your intention is.

More curious was all, just 1 decimal point should work fine.

Keep in mind that scheduler does not guarantee the exact timing. Yeah, it tends to work in practice much of the time, and the less busy the hub is, the more likely the task is to run exactly on the clock, but it could get delayed.