Add "Jammed" or "Unknown" state for door locks

Almost all door locks seem to report when a lock jam is detected, yet Hubitat doesn't seem to officially support any lock states besides Locked and Unlocked. Could we please add a state for Jammed lock to Hubitat for those of us with locks that support reporting this?

Hubitat does already support an “Unknown” state for locks. It is up to the driver to support it.


Huh, I'm using Hubitat's built in generic ZWave driver and it just reports some code from the lock with a note that says "what is the lock state?" or something of the like in logs but does not change the lock to "Unknown" when lock jams.

I’d recommend reaching out to @bcopeland and @mike.maxwell from Hubitat, as they handle changes to the built-in device drivers.

Yeah, I can change that


Awesome, I'll send you a private message (I saw something about my particular lock and the Generic ZWave Lock driver on the recent beta release notes)

that was for a different issue

Interesting development. I took this screenshot several months ago where it showed the message I got when the door jammed. Just last week, my Yale Assure Lock 2 received an OTA firmware update when I opened the Yale app on my phone. Today when I intentionally jammed the lock to show you the log output, it seems to no longer report this in my logs. Maybe it's no longer able to report a lock jam?? Geez I hope not. Oh, I'm on Anyway, here's the log from a few months back:

different lock models and firmware can produce different codes, in any event the next build will parse 0xB as unknown.

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Thanks. This is specifically a Yale Assure Lock 2 (YRD420 model with keypad and Zwave)

Well, it really looks like the last Yale firmware update for this lock seems to have actually removed the lock jam code reporting via Z-Wave. It definitely no longer shows anything in logs for the lock jam condition anymore, and it seems to just revert the lock to "Unlocked" instead. This is a huge bummer!

@mike.maxwell Thanks for your attempts to help fix the issue. I am going to contact Yale to figure out why they removed this and see if there's any chance to add it back in.