Add ignoreSSLIssues to Websocket connect methods

Background: I am trying (unsuccessfully) developing a HTTPS / WSS interface to implement the Samsung TV Remote interface. This work in using WSCAT (see GitHub) on my PC but not on Hubitat. Like the initial implementation of the httpGet (etc.) command, it does not work. However, the ignoreSSLIssues switch added to httpGet corrected this problem.

Request: Add a ignoreSSLIssues switch to the webSocket interface.


It would be a great help if Hubitat could IgnoreSSLIssues when connecting over WSS to equipment with self signed certificates that can't be verified. Any chance that Hubitat could support this in a future release?

I have tested the ignoreSSLIssue some more (once I got my own 2020 Samsung TV)

Finding: It works.

New Request: update webSocket documentation to include this switch.


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