Add Hub info to Meshes

I'm guessing this is a big no, but would it be possible to add the hubs that a device is meshed to in the "in use by" area of the device details? A bonus if the actual "in use by" also has the rules etc from the Mashed hubs. Example:
Hub A has Device 1 meshed to Hub B. On the Device Page for Device 1 it would show "in use by" Hub B, and as a bonus, shows the same details as the "in use by" the Device 1 on Hub B.
With 4 hubs meshed, it can get a little confusing where to find a rule or dashboard when removing or replacing a device. Thanks.


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I see the usefulness, but it will be at least couple of months before it's considered for implementation. There's already a long "must do" list for 2.3.1...


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