Add capability to generic component

A lot of driver create generic component parent/child and it would be cool to add the healthstatus (online-offline) to those generic components! Is it something that we could hope for or is it too complicated ? I would like to be able to use it as trigger but for now every generic component do not have this capability. If it could be added to those built in drivers, maybe we could use it by just updating the device driver. For now, I would need to built my own driver and its complicated. Is there a place where to propose new feature like this? Or maybe I m wrong, I m not a programmer so... I see in documentation that it exist but seem not in use anywhere except for replica from ST.

The health status capability could likely be added to the generic component drivers but it would still rely on the developer using the driver to create a device to write the code to set the health status, at least that would be my understanding... I could be wrong.

If you want to request a new feature you can create a new topic here on the Community with the feature request category, under feedback.

Yes I agree! I have my driver code so I could add it I think (it already have a kind of status inside the device in the property, so if this is updated, it would be possible to update the healtstatus at the same time). But as soon as the capability is not in the generic driver its just impossible!
I ll make the request, at least it could have a place to copy the code from those drivers to create new with just some other feature.

What kind of driver/device is this? Typically "component" drivers are different features or endpoints on a single "real" device. Necessarily, such devices have a parent device (using a non-"component" driver). This parent device often corresponds to a single real-world device, and the parent device would therefore be the appropriate place for such an attribute.

That being said, building your own virtual "component" driver like this is fairly simple if it is truly needed for your use case. Someone can probably help if you need it. But it's not where I'd start.

(Also, I have removed your duplicate post on the same issue. I would suggest confining this discussion to a single place, as you have now talked about it in several unrelated threads, though I understand this particular question is new.)


Interesting! I m no expert so dont really know... My driver is the tuya/smartlife driver (I can supply the link if you wish). It create a kind of device that makes the api call and generate the child device with all devices in the cloud (scene, virtual, physical...).

Inside those child device, I have a list of property like : online: true and I could use it in webcore by checking if online at specific moment. But I cant use it as trigger. The child driver is the builtin driver generic component switch and this driver have not the capability. The parent device could not use it properly I think because each child could be online or offline. It looks like inverted from what you said (one virtual for multiple real) if we want!

Not sure because I m no expert but it looks like this! Like you said, I could make one myself but not sure if it would crash all my device. I made a request to get the feature on those builtin drivers.

I just see that my request have been removed... not sure why! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

Because it was a duplicate post, containing the same request you already mentioned here.

So these are multiple/different physical devices? And the parent device is just a way to connect to the external service and figure out what they are but doesn't do anything for a single "real" device on its own? If so, that is one possible use for a component driver, and yes, it would be slightly different from what I mentioned above where the "parent" device represents one physical entity. However, if the connection status is the same for all such devices (e.g., whether you have that cloud connection or whatever -- not a status you'd need separately for each individual device), the above idea could still work.

yes its exactly as you said. But all child device is reflecting a real device (or virtual from the tuya cloud) so each could be online or offline.

I tought that I needed to post in the request topic so, if its already taken its ok to remove the topic..

You did post in the "Feature Request" cateogy:


You can also use the pencil icon in that same area to edit your post, including the categories, the title, or the (first) post itself--no need to make duplicates.

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