Add battery attribute to Dashboard for First Alert Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detector

I have a First Alert Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detector paired with my Hubitat.

On the Dashboard, is there a way I can add the "battery" attribute that I see in the Device details page ? I see the json in Dashboard advanced settings but havent seen examples to add this.


There is a battery template that will display the attribute from the First Alert driver.


It's not elegant - but if you click the + on the dashboard and add a tile - you can add a second tile for a device, like your FA Detector. then select the device, choose Attribute - then you can pick out exactly what you want in the tile in the dropdown:

ok - thx -

i was hoping I could add it to the existing tile somehow. Like the Motion template has degrees, battery% at the top and then the Active/Inactive icon in the middle.

There are a couple of programs in HPM that will let you do this, tile master for one, and a few others.


Can also overlay tiles