Activity monitor - logs in google sheets

I thought this was interesting. I did all the steps but I get the following error when I try to create a new logging child:

Error 404

Child app not found for namespace: cschwer and name: Google Sheets Logging

The Page requested could not be found

I don't find a child app in the github

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Hey @spalexander68 did you manage to make it work?

Hi guys, was anyone able to make this work with Sheets?

IFTTT will throttle you after so many requests, so you would have to figure out a way to export directly to sheets, which i don't believe anyone has done.

I have not had any problems with throttling using the app in Smartthings, but I guess you could set a timer to report only once every 5 seconds to reduce the data output.

I believe the problem is that someone converted it to a parent/child app in one which is not supported in Hubitat.

Edit: Quick and dirty change to make it back into a single app, did not have time to test beyond a single Temperature report.

Edit 2: just realized I had put this in my repo a while ago:


Hi, Chuck, and thanks for your work.

I tried to install it but I had no luck. Can you please confirm if it still works for you?

If not, another way to go around the problem would be to add all device capability triggers in IFTTT. That's how I used to monitor my parameters in Smartthings.

I just tested mine and it works fine.

Hello Chuck:
I tried to execute this and I get the following message:

Any ideas?

I'm sorry, I don't use it and I don't support it, but when I tested it out recently it worked fine. I can only assume you missed a step in setting it up, maybe step 12?

Much appreciated.

Hello. Is anyone using this app succesfully?

I am using it to record my thermostat activity. The first time I set it up, I quickly went through the instructions and it failed. The second time, I just went through the setup steps one by one and it works great.
Thanks @chuck.schwer

ok so I guess you have not detected any slowness or performance issues caused by the app right ?? just asking because as you know it is been told that some apps could cause issues and I am doing a sanity check to be safe to install it. So nothing detected so far? thanks

I have not noticed any slowdowns with this app.

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I managed to install the app with no problems but the only thing is that it creates 2 times:

time and LastTime when I select the interval to push data to google higher than 0 minutes. Any idea why? I would be expecting only one time:


Hi Chuck, just finished my little project to monitor some temperature sensors with Google Sheets and Google Data Studio for the dashboard. The installation of Google Sheets Logging was a breeze and I'm very pleased with the final result. Thank so much for this great tool. Let me know where I can send my contribution


I had a script running on SmartThings to do this, but finally kicked the SmartThings completely to the curb. I set this up on one of my Hubitat Hubs and everything is working well, with one issue. The logging spreadsheet will only log to 100 rows and then overwrites. Is there anyway to increase the number of rows that the script will write to? I looked through the code and couldn't find anything that looked obvious, mind you I am a novice at scripts. I have extended the spreadsheet to over 10,000 rows, but it only writes the 1st 100.

Any help is much appreciated!

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This is a fab app - just got installed and logging humidity/temperatures nicely for an Aqara sensor in a cold frame in the garden (where I'll be moving our tortoise in the Spring).

Question from a Hubistat novice: Is there a straight-forward way to adjust the frequency of logging? Ideally I would record one reading per hour.

I haven't come up against the 100 row limit yet, but I wonder if this is an issue, and if there is a work around?

@jtmpush18, I'm getting the same error you had, did you ever figure out what caused this? I tried going through the instructions (some have change in the script editor) but it does look ok, but for some reason I keep getting this error that I just can't find an answer of to why?