Actively exploited bug in fully updated Firefox is sending users into a tizzy

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Makes you wonder how many people actually call the number... Personally, I say we all go back to Lynx. :wink:


That's a blast from the past, for sure! :grinning:

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elinks is a much better version !

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Gack. If you guys are going back that far, why not just ban the Web and go back to Usenet, or dare I say it BBS's? LOL

Its not clear from the article if it affects Linux versions, but I don't think Modal dialogs are really a thing in Linux escaping from Firefox to kill the Process isn't a big deal...


Hey now! I STILL use Usenet to this day! LOL As for BBSs... ahhh, those were the days... I managed a few back in my starting days. TBH, I actually kinda miss BBSs now a days. :wink:

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My personal fav was gopher :slight_smile:

LOL, I had Gopher in there, but I though that might be reaching a bit too deep into the esoterica!


*edited for grammar...english...sense

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