Activator Device Switch State/Child App Activation State not Changing when switching between scenes

Hi All,
Just trying out RL, and it seems snappier in testing than having my scenes in WebCore. I have however hit an issue when switching between the 3 scenes for my bedroom: Bright, Cosy & Nightlight.

I am triggering the scenes from the button commands on my Inovelli dimmer and all works well until I change scenes using Google Home then things get out of sync and I end up with all trigger device switch states being on. I need them to be mutally exclusive and toggle the others off as another is activated.

From the physical device control section of the config, I tried to set Turn Off commands for each scene as the same as the Turn On for the others and this keeps the child app Activation statuses in sync, but the Activator Device switch state doesnt follow suit when using google home to activate the scenes.

I have even tried adding the activator device of the other scenes into each scenes managed device list, then setting their type to switches and setting their states to off, but this doenst seem to work either.

Is there something obvious Im missing here?

Can you post a picture of your Room Lighting instance? It would be easier to troubleshoot seeing how you have set up a scene. As for the scenes themselves, are these Philips Hue scenes or custom created on Hubitat? Worst case, you could always create three rules to manage the turning off of each Activator Device when a different one is turned on.

Sure thing, here you go:

Bedroom Bright Scene

Bedroom Cosy Scene

Bedroom Nightlight Scene

With Google, I assume you are sharing the Activator Device to it? As such, you say "Ok Google, turn on Bedroom Nightlight Scene, etc...". Nightlight scene turns on, but the activator device does not turn off in Hubitat of the previous scene. To solve this, create a rule in Hubitat that if a scene activator device turns on, to turn off the other two scene activators. This way, if you activate the Nightlight scene, it will automatically turn off the other activators. You could use Rule Machine with the three activator devices as triggers and conditionals if/then with an else-if for what to do when one of the switches turns on.

Thanks for the prompt response, I'll give that a shot in webcore. I don't have Rule Machine installed after falling out with the UI early in the setup phase migrating to HE.

Hopefully the ability to toggle other scenes off can come as a native feature in Room Lights in a future version to reduce some overhead on the hub.


Webcore should be able to handle it.

The other thing to consider is condensing your scenes to one Room Lighting instance and using modes or time periods to change the lights automatically. This way Google just has to turn on and off one activation device and the lights adjust automatically when turned on. You could set up your button device to provide manual override if you need specific lighting outside of a mode or time period.

So I've found a bug with Room Lights.

If the scene is activated using another trigger than the "Command with Activator Device" such as a button device in my case, the status of the scene isnt synced to the switch status of the "Activator Device".

I have added this in WebCore to keep the "Activator Devices" interlocking, but things get out of sync now using the button device in Room Lights config:

The workaround here is to remove the config for the button device in Room Lights and have WebCore trigger the "Activator Devices" switch, but this is less than ideal, and Im almost back to just having my Scene built out through if statements in WebCore where I originally started.

Could one of the Room Lights devs chime in here to confirm if this behaviour is by design, and if so, what is the reasoning behind it please?

That's not a bug as it is supposed to do that. Based on your Room Lighting, you either hit the button or use the activator device to turn on the scene. The button is not controlling the activator device, it's controlling the lights directly based on your device table. You would need to use Button Controller (or possibly Webcore) to have the button control the activator device if you wanted to keep them in-sync.