Activate Room Lighting App from Rule

Hi - I was trying to figure out if a rule can Activate something like a Room Lighting app. I was looking for something that was the equivalent of clicking the activate button when configuring the app. I assume I could create a virtual device that is used for activating the app and turn that on in the rule, but that seemed like an unnecessary extra device.

Yeah, you can do that. There are two choices: one is just like the Activate button and ignores Conditions that Limit Activation, and the other honors those limitations. Look here:

You can also pick a particular Mode or Period if applicable.


Awesome - thanks. I looked in Run Custom Actions, didn't think to look here.

FWIW, the Rule 5.1 docs has a "List of Actions" section that spells out where everything can be found:

Combined with maybe your browser's search feature, this may be a quicker way to find actions than digging through each menu if you aren't sure. (But questions are certainly welcome too, and this isn't me discouraging that!)


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