Activate as group from activator device for OFF

@bravenel we have a option for controlling the ON as a group from activator device, is there a reason why we don't or can't have turn OFF as a group from activator device?

OFF will always do it as a group. The issue for that option has to do with the ambiguity of intending ON command to each group device versus activating per the table (which is not just ON). Off means the same thing no matter what, so no need for an option. For example, OFF to a scene is the same as OFF to a group, while ON means two different things.

Agreed, so then maybe there is a bug? I do a off but because in the current mode the light is not due to activate it won't turn off? It's a ZigBee device but has two relays, might need to add the parent device?

Edit: that didn't see to make a difference.

What I want to happen is if I control the ON/OFF or level of the activation device it to work as a group. Where as of I push the activation device or it activates within the app to always call the scene. Is that correct/ possible.

Show the app setup page.


What you have is for some of these lights to turn Off from an ON command (activate the scene). You have not provided enough specific details to know what is going on, and what you think isn't working right. Like logs, like very specific devices ...

Actually this might be the issue for me. The reason I started looking was the scene off turned it off when it wasn't down as a OFF in that mode. Although now, I cant get I to off from the activation device, so unsure what caused it to turn off.

as above, just realised the same.

yes, i have my day to day and as modes change scenes are called, some lights not wanted in some modes so i call a off when activated from within the app.

But I have the option for turn on from group from the activation device so if I then manually call a on they will all turn on via the ZL group.

The same is for the OFF so almost always I want all lights to turn OFF from the off from the app, apart from one device which should only get manually turned off in most modes apart from away modes which always turns it off. That is the tree, which is a ZigBee double relay device, i added the parent back in but as its the parent just only have OFF selected in the modes that both relays would be off in. Looks like i have to have the parent device in the app to get the group as its now in the group table in the settings.

I wonder though that zigbee group is getting called from the app off as well as the activation device off?
In which case the request is that I don't want to do a ZigBee group OFF from the app and only want it via the activation device. Or another way to turn off via the device when the scene is not down to do a off.

Zigbee Group Commands are only done from the Activation Device being commanded, nothing else runs them.

And, Zigbee Groups don't make sense for a scene.


Ok so then it should work. I have turned on logging with in the app is that i need or the device logging?

I have no idea what you're talking about, and generally device logs are pointless to determine if the app is functioning as expected.

ok lets assume it is then

zigbee part

that is all the direct ZigBee devices in the room.

Current scene table

So this is when i do a OFF from the activation device.

and it the tree did not turn off.

If i then do a off from the parent device of the tree i then get correctly

So if the off from the device should always do a group off then irrespective of the table the light should turn off as the group is a group it just sends a off to the group and has no knowledge of the table?

It will only use Zigbee off commands if some device for the mode has Off selected in the Device Control section of the table for that mode (actually, two or more devices, otherwise, what's the point?).

Your logs show it not using Zigbee off commands. Zigbee commands always show off(Z) in the logs.

From your partial screenshot above showing Application State, you can see that zgmModesOn is an empty list. What about zgmModesOff ? Those lists are the mode ids for which it will use ZGM.

3 out of 4

i think it might be to do with multi end point Zigbee devices, so may need to move the category as think its a bug or a issue maybe with the driver?

As a test i put the relay parent and another ZigBee device in a new app just using groups no scenes. unless the parent was used no group was created as expected. What was odd was now the tree turned on and off with the other device (bookshelf) but the kilner (the other relay) now didn't work!? again a ON and OFF from the parent turned on and off both devices so looks like the issue is that when the ZigBee group get created sometimes it chooses one endpoint other times it chooses another?

never noticed them i just thought as long as the map was in it would do both.

test app


app page

logs from ON and OFF from device.

looking like it worked but only the tree turned on and off not the other relay. So may be a 2 issues? Think driver one should be looked at 1st?

@mike.maxwell this is the aurora socket driver. It's not that device but it has two switch outputs and works the same. Could it be that when a ZigBee group is created its random as to which endpoint it binds too?

If anything its only going to bind to the first endpoint, the one thats in the fingerprint.

Right ok so how do we manage ZigBee groups when it doesn't do the lot. I understand it might be too complicated to bind to individual end points, but if you add the parent device surly it should do the lot?

Apparently not...