Activate an external motor driven Siren on and off cycling once every few seconds

I have a Zwave individual receptacle that I want to use to power my small motor-driven mechanical AC-powered siren that puts out 115dB. Triggering the device and turning off are simple enough with the included rules, but the sound is much more alarm-like when it cycles off and on every few seconds. I don't see any rules that allow on and off variables that are adjustable for less than a full minute. Does anyone know of existing code that can trigger these variables, or do I need to start learning to code?
Thanks for any help.

No coding necessary. I use the "flash" command inside my dragon z-wave plug. Many devices, but not all, have the flash command. Also inside of HSM there is a section "lights to flash", you could add you z-wave receptacle, if it shows up there

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Thanks for the help, I had not even experimented with the Rules Machine prior to today, and this was a way easier task than I imagined.

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Happy to help ! The default flash rate might not suit you, if so you can create a rule that says if HSM is tripped turn on siren for 2 seconds, off 1 second, pause for 1 second, then turn on, etc.