Would you recommend that over the integrated dashboard?

I'm likely not the best person to ask, for a couple reasons... :wink:

I would say that, to me, the key consideration is whether:

  • you want your dashboards 100% local or not
  • where you will be primarily using them (cloud or local)

If I had to choose one or the other, and was OK with them being cloud based / mainly used them remotely - I would pick SharpTools every time.

I'm not a fan of the Hubitat dashboards (or dashboards in general really). BUT, if you can do what you need to in them, and/or want 100% local, they are perfectly usable.

Note, too, that SharpTools is not free, while Hubitat dashboards are. So that's another consideration.

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I signed up with Sharptools and recreated my AT dashboard, I also made a rough basic local dashboard that I load on Fully when the internet is down.


Just to add. Somebody also posted on the Facebook group last week an update on this that they got. So things are looking good for the AT guys.

On a side note though I use sharptools and it’s a great alternative.


Good deal, I stand corrected. More options is a good thing.

This is very good news............

[UPDATE 2020-09-02] Looks like ActionTiles may be working on a Hubitat version after all! This is great news!

I would welcome ActionTiles on Hubitat... I just have not seen anything recently other than someone’s FB post to indicate any such plan or project exists. Right now, the ActionTiles team is probably very focused on making all of the necessary changes to support the new SmartThings API. Their current Groovy-based SmartApp on ST will need to be rearchitected to re-host much/all of it on ActionTiles’ own servers, before ST shuts down their Legacy Groovy IDE.

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I could be wrong [EDIT: I am] since a lot of this is a guess on my part, but I think ActionTiles might have actually been one of the first third parties to use the "new" ST SmartApp API (in great contrast to SmartTiles that was somewhat similar in appearance but was a manual install via the Groovy IDE). I became suspicious when the app automatically installed itself, did not appear in the SmartApps code section of the IDE, and unlike SmartTiles (which used cloud links akin to OAuth ones from Hubitat Dashboard), as far as I can see, is all hosted from

Further, my guess is that because it uses the new API, porting to Hubitat would not have been as easy as many people thought ("but they're so similar!"). I was actually surprised to see them mention that they're considering this at all, though the company is likely in at least slightly different hands now than it was then...

Does anyone have any insight that might confirm or deny my suspicions? :slight_smile:

Here you go...

That is interesting. Thanks! Bad guess on my part, but at least they might have a better starting point for Hubitat, then. :slight_smile:

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Exactly! Although, it could also be that their SmartApp might be fairly heavyweight. I am pretty sure SharpTools uses the hub only to service the data, similar to how Marker API works. ActionTiles may be running quite a bit more within their SmartApp...which may or may not run smoothly on Hubitat. I always assumed that used ST just as a data endpoint, like SharpTools. I guess I was wrong too! :wink:


check out smartly, easy to use skin for HE dash. Helps make HE dashes look great with less effort.

Alex (AT Co-founder) just updated the AT forum thread, set status to in progress and unlocked discussion. It appears to be alive again.


Very interesting! Thanks for the update.

It is great to have options!


Awesome news. ActionTiles is pretty much my main reason for still running SmartThings and HubConnect along with HE. That, and AskAlexa....


Do you have any idea if actiontiles for hubitat will allow for full local control? Or will this be cloud-based like sharptools?....I'm still looking for a dashboard that fully fits my needs....the original hubitat one just didn't work reliably enough (tiles not updating...full refresh of dashboard necessary etc). I don't believe this has changed. Please correct me if I'm wrong, though.

Doubt it?

Anything’s possible I suppose, but since AT currently runs in the cloud, it would be a much bigger undertaking to add hubitat support including a fully local dashboard solution.

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Best to ask on the AT community instead as all we can do here is speculate

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FWIW, Terry mentioned this in response to that thread when it was created:

Given its similarity to SmartThings , it makes sense to believe that ActionTiles could be a great fit as an add-on UI from a technical perspective; with the caveat that we would likely retain the cloud- dependent nature of our own web-app. (It would be a tremendous diversion to change that particular aspect of our focus.)

I doubt that's changed, though I would be as happy as everyone else to see a fully local AT-based dashboard solution available for HE at some point.


This brings back early 2018 memories of Hubitat, before the Hubitat Dashboard existed, where some of us managed to get SmartTiles running locally on the HE hub. Those were the days...:wink::joy: