Actiontiles and Hubitat

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A few years ago there was talk of AT & HT working together, and I do see AT in my HT back-end, my question is how is this different than just linking to Actiontiles without HT.

What I would like to do is have my Actiontiles dashboard linked to Hubitat so if I click a panel on my AT dashboard HT will execute a preset function. Like clicking on the panic button tile in Actiontiles will sound an alarm routine controlled by Hubitat.

Is this possible?

Otherwise why bother connecting to AT through HT anyway, or was that whole project scrapped other than adding your AT dashboard link to HT?

Thank you.

ActionTiles evidently no longer offers an option to use Hubitat.

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I just checked my old ActionTiles account, and it appears that the Hubitat support may still be present, albeit still in Beta form. If one goes into their AT Licenses section, there is an option to add a new hub. Hubitat still is shown as an option.

I just linked AT to one of my Hubitat Hubs, and was able to expose a selection of devices. Then I created a new AT Panel and added the HE devices to it as tiles. Seems to still work fine.

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Ah, two year + beta. Makes sense...


Back when Samsung still supported Smartthings, I had a Smartthings Hub and a paid Actiontiles account. When Samsung backed away from Smartthings, I purchase a Hubitat C7. In March 2021, Actiontiles opened up the beta platform for use with Hubitat and I was one of the first to sign up. I continued to use Actiontile with my Hubitat C7 until I migrated to the new C8 hub.

After the hub migration, I had to register my new C8 hub and recreate my tiles in Actiontiles, but the platform is still working in Beta mode even today. There may now be a way to migrate the tiles from one C7 to a C8 without recreating them, but as an early adopter of the C8, it was not possible at first.

There have been a few things that have delayed further development of Actiontiles platform for Hubitat. (two years in Beta is rather lame). One was the change made by Samsung in elimination of their Groovy software upon which Actiontiles for Smartthings was based. The Actiontiles programmers were spending all their time working to replace groovy. The second thing was the death of one of the Actiontiles founders. That created some legal issue as well as management issues that had to be resolved. There was also an issue with paid licensing of Actiontiles for Hubitat accounts. The previous license required purchasing a lifetime license, but like many software companies, they might need to move to a subscription plan to cover ongoing development and support costs. That is pure speculation on my part.

The Actiontiles staff has promised to continue development of Actiontiles for Hubitat. There are a number of Hubitat users who have indicated their willingness to purchase an Actiontiles for Hubitat license; I am one of them. Unfortunately, I have seen little evidence of activity from Actiontiles with respect to Hubitat other than a recent post to indicate that to use Actiontiles, Hubitat needs to be on firmware or higher. The current Hubitat firmware is

For someone who has used Actiontiles previously, I highly recommend using the platform with Hubitat. However, for someone who has never used Actitotiles, I do not know what to recommend. If Actiotiles does drop support for Actiontiles, the time you spent to learn how to use the platform and set up your own panels and tiles will be wasted. I do not see Actiontiles leaving Hubitat in beta form indefinitely with no source of revenue for the company.

You can use the free Hubitat Dashboard.

There is also an integration with Sharptools. This is a paid platform with a significantly limited free version and subscription fee for the premium platform that can be paid monthly or yearly. There is a 15 day free trial of the premium for those who want to check out the features.


I have been trying to get back into ActionTILES now on my C8, and can’t connect. I just keep getting 0_Auth errors.

You have to go through the same setup procedure with your C8 that you did with your earlier hub. My ActionTiles account still shows my older Smartthings and Hubitat C7 hubs, even though they are no longer in use.

If you are not a member of the ActionTiles community, try to join it. ActionTiles Forum / AT Support & Ideas

Then post a question there about the Auth errors. Hopefully, you can get a response there. I have been using ActionTiles with my C8 hub for a while and do not remember exactly how I added it to my account.

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